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    Welcome to HOS Layaway!


    • The House of Staunton is proud to offer our new Layaway program!

    • With Layaway, purchasing from the House of Staunton has never been easier or more affordable. It allows you to purchase selected House of Staunton products by making payments over time.
    • Simply choose the items that you wish to purchase and how many months you wish to make the payments over.We'll automatically charge your debit/credit card each month. Once you've paid for the item/s in full, they'll be sent to you. It's that simple!


    • It allows you to secure the lowest production number when purchasing a House of Staunton luxury chess set.

      When you place one of our luxury sets on layaway, the production number is assigned the moment the layaway is initiated, insuring the lowest production number possible. Many customers request the lowest production number possible for maximum collectability.
    • It guarantees you that the limited edition Chess set that you're interested in will still be available.

      Many House of Staunton Luxury Chess sets are limited edition sets. With our layaway program, the chess set is held in reserve the moment the layaway is initiated, insuring that you will receive one of these limited edition sets.
    • It guarantees you the current price of the chess set, making them exempt from any future price increases.

      When you place an item on layaway, the price that you will pay is the price of the item at the time of layaway. If the price of the items increases before the final payment is made, you'll still pay the original, lower price
    • There is a minimum purchase of $300.00 US Dollars (excluding shipping) to start a layaway.

      We're sorry, but we cannot accept a layaway request on a purchase of less than $300.00 US Dollars.
    • There are no cancellation fees!

      You can cancel at any time and receive a store credit equal to the FULL amount that you've paid towards your layaway.
    • It guarantees the price you pay

      When you place an item on layaway, you'll pay the price of the item at the time of the layaway.
    • You can start your layaway with as little as $30.00 down.

      When you start your layaway, we require an initial payment of 10% of purchase price.
    • With automated billing, you'll never have to worry about missing a payment.

      We will automatically charge your credit/debit each month to insure your layaway remains current. You simply tell us how much you want to pay each month and we'll do the rest.
    • You have up to 12 months to pay off your layaway.

      We will automatically charge your credit/debit each month for the minimum amount. And if you want to make additional payments or pay it off sooner, that's fine with us.






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