Karsten Muller - Attack

Rules of thumb for practice
Most chess players prefer attack to defense. That’s why this important topic is of interest to everyone and is of course often discussed accordingly. In this book, I’ve attempted to demonstrate the basics of attacking play using a few rules of thumb and motives. It’s of the utmost importance to train your intuition, with the aim of being able to decide with certainty in which cases the rules of thumb apply and the motives can be used - and in which cases you are dealing with an exception. Because it’s precisely in this interplay of rule and exception that one of the charms of chess lies.
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Rules of thumb for practice
It's not revealing anything new that most players prefer to attack rather than defend. It's also not surprising that various authors have devoted a number of books to the popular topic of 'attack' for more than a century.
In this book, the author tries to present the constantly recurring mechanisms of attacking play as compactly as possible by limiting himself to a few important motives and describing typical elements of the attacking strategy. Numerous clear and meaningful rules of thumb are formulated for the in-depth study of the various subject areas.
With regard to practical play, however, the point is not neglected that in chess it's not so important to know this or that rule by heart, but rather to train your intuition to recognize as reliably as possible in which case you are dealing with a rule and in which case with an exception.
Among the topics discussed are, for example, such indispensable as: 'Opposite-colored bishops favor the attacker', 'The attacker should not exchange attack potential', 'Typical attack structures', 'Attack on a complex of weak squares'.
One of the chapters is devoted to Mikhail Tal, one of the greatest attacking artists of all time, whose genius in this regard is illustrated by reference to some of his striking and pointed quotes – such as 'Centralize and sacrifice', 'If the opponent attacks one of your pieces, attack two of his!'
And last but not least there's a chapter on the mating attack in the endgame, a look at some of the author's impressive attacking victories and all sorts of topic-related exercises for the individual chapters. In addition, practical QR codes enable you to replay the game directly on your smartphone if there's no board at hand.

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ISBN 9783959209564
Author/s Karsten Muller
Pages 140 pages
Publication Date August 25, 2023
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
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