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The House of Staunton Return Policy


    Item Returns & Refunds


    You have three weeks (21 calendar days) from the date your order is shipped to notify us that you wish to return an item. Once we have been notified of your intent to return an item, you have two week (14 calendar days) from the date of notification to have the item returned to us and in our possession. If you decide you want to return the item, it is subject to the following conditions:


    All shipping charges, including those that you paid to originally receive the package, are not refundable.


    All returned orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee. The restocking fee will be waived if the item is being returned for an exchange.


    The item being returned and all of its packaging/accessories/components/documentation must be returned in the exact condition (e.g. unused) that they were received in.


    The items must be packed carefully and sent via a method that is trackable, has signature required for delivery and is insured. We recommend FedEx.


    We are not responsible for any damage or loss that is incurred while the package is in transit. That is why we require the package to be insured.


    If the item being returned was part of a promotional purchase, you must return all of the items that were part of that promotional purchase to be eligible for a refund.


    An RMA # is required for all returns. We will refuse all packages which do not have an RMA # clearly marked on the outside of the package. Please make sure it is CLEARLY WRITTEN AND VISIBLE.


    If you wish to return an item, please CLICK HERE to request a RMA #.



    Package Refusal


    If you change your mind about a purchase while the package is in transit, please do not refuse the package. When a package is refused, FedEx will charge The House of Staunton both the full transportation costs to return the package to us and an additional refusal fee.


    If you do change your mind about a purchase and refuse delivery of the package, you will be responsible for ALL transportation, delivery and related costs for the package to be returned to us. These fees will be deducted from the amount of your refund. It will be much cheaper for you if you just sign for the package and return it to us directly.



    Discounts/Promotion Restrictions


    We're sorry, but only new orders are eligible to participate in any discount or promotions.


    Discounts and Promotions must be presented at the time of purchase.


    Only items purchased directly from the House of Staunton are eligible to participate. Items purchased from 3rd parties, such as resellers and retail outlets are not eligible to participate.


    Discounts and Promotions can not be combined. There is a limit of one redemption per purchase.



    Item arrived Damaged


    We're sorry, but only new orders are eligible to participate in any discount or promotions.

    Your have one week (7 calendar days) from the date that the package is delivered to notify us that the item you received is damaged. If you do find that an item has arrived damaged, please keep all of the packaging materials that your shipment came with (cardboard box, packing materials) and notify us immediately.


    Depending on the item that arrived damage, FedEx may perform an inspection on the damage item and its original packaging to verify the extent of the damage and that the package was properly packed. FedEx has 5 (five) business days to decide whether they want to perform an inspection. If they do decide to perform an inspection, a FedEx representative will come to the delivery address and pick up the damaged item and all packaging materials. It is not very common that FedEx does perform such inspections, but it does happen.


    If you have notified us within the time frame, we will replace the item at no cost to you. Please note that in the case of Chessmen, where each piece is hand carved and unique, we may require that you send us back the damaged piece first. This is to insure that the grain/coloring/cut of the replacement piece is identical to the one you are replacing. This is done for your benefit.


    If you notify us after the time period has ended, we will not honor any damage item claims. In this situation, you should check to see if the item comes with a Manufacturers Warranty and contact them directly regarding replacement.



    Order Cancellation


    If you wish to cancel an order that has been placed. please Contact Us IMMEDIATELY .


    We strongly recommend that you contact via telephone to insure that your order cancellation request is received and processed promptly.


    If your order has not shipped yet, an order cancellation fee of 5% (minimum fee of $10.00) will apply. This fee will help offset our considerable administrative costs, as shipment preparation can take upwards of an hour.


    If your order has already shipped, please see the Item Returns / Refunds section to learn more about returning the item. Note: These fees only apply to order cancellations. If you wish to make a change to an order that has not shipped, we will happily handle your request and no fees will apply.


    For any other questions or concerns regarding our Customer Service policies, please feel free to Contact Us.


    The House of Staunton Layaway Program




    All Layaway purchases are final. No items being purchased via our Layaway program, as well as the layaway payments themselves, may be returned or exchanged under any circumstances. 





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