WOODEN MAGNETIC Travel Chess Set - 9" Circle

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A beautiful handcrafted Round Magnetic Travel Chess Set from The House of Staunton! It is crafted from Golden Rosewood & Maple and is the Strongest Magnetic Travel Set on the Market It features a pull-out drawer with foam inserts to safely store the chessmen when not in use. 9" Diameter - 1.25" King Height - 0.75" Squares


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Awesome set!!! Review by Jim
I recently received this set for my birthday. I am very pleased!!! The board is beautiful and the grain in the wood is stunning. Strong magnets? You bet!!! You can hold the board upside down and the pieces stay firmly attached... tilt the board sideways and the pieces are not going anywhere. The pull-out drawer is a an added bonus... store your chess pieces securely when on the go, but also, a place to put the chess pieces as you progress thru your game. The chess pieces themselves are quite nice looking for this size. I also like using this set for analysis... a bit small some might say... works well enough for me. Overall, a really nice fully functional beautiful set !!! (Posted on 11/4/2017)

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Product Details

Google Yes
Manufacturer The House of Staunton
King Height 1.25'' inch / 3.18 cm
Square Size 0.75'' inch / 1.9 cm
Travel Set Size 9" inch diameter

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