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The Next Gen Pawns Plastic Chess Pieces - 3.75" King - Colonel Variation

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NextGen Pawn Chess Sets: Experience the next generation of chess with this exciting upgrade to the classic game! Chess has long been recognized as a key tool in improving academic performance, memory, planning, strategizing and decision making.

NextGen Pawn is the Next Step, is the next leap forward in Chess. NextGen Pawn combines Tradition with Innovation. Inspired from the Classic Staunton pattern, we designed a new modern Chess set, with attractive details, including a majestic 3.75” inch King, a pair of graceful Queens and spirited Knights.

All pieces are of high plastic quality and with excellent balance, perfect for tournament play and designed for durability over time. This new design was created with USCF and FIDE events in mind.

The most elegant game of all, the grand game of Chess, is taken to the next level with NextGen Pawns!

Get a great value among commercially available Chess sets:

1) Get two sets for the price of one! With NextGen Pawn you will receive both a Modern Classic Chess Set that is 100% playable with the classic rules of Chess. As well as the NextGen Pawn pieces that update the game of Chess with exciting new rules for Pawn movement!

2) Find a partner and let the fun begin! Instructions for NextGen pawns are included with this boxed set on cards and are also available on MUSKETEER CHESS website

3) NEXTGEN PAWNS are available in 7 different variants (Sergeant, Corporal, Captain, Lieutenant, Commander, Colonel and General) Each Variant has its own rules and is available in 4 different models (2 colours: Natural & Black or White ivory & Black, and two different designs of the stem where the head is clipped: 2 axes or 4 axes).

4) When mixing Pawns and NextGen Pawns, you have a wide range of possible customized games. The NEXTGEN Pawns have 4 of 16 interchangeable Heads for further customization.

5) Innovate and create your own game. Come-up with what could become a game changer.


Customer Reviews

Good chess set, can be further improved Review by Brutus
The newly designed pawns are very useful. I’m a chess and chess variant fun. Have all the Musketeer Chess pieces already and I will complete my collection with the Next Generation Pawns that help me play more games and that fit with my needs as a chess variant inventor, providing me with endless possibilities especially for the variants with much more pieces than classic chess and with different pawn or pawn like pieces.

The classic chess set should have been slightly bigger and weighted but the quality of the classic pieces with the price is more than worth it. (Posted on 2/7/2020)
Simply elegant and beautiful Review by Superschaak
I love the new Next Generation Pawns. Simple graceful and beautiful design.

I have the opportunity to play Chess but also other games using and combining the pieces. The classic chess pieces are beautiful. My kids and buddies love them.
Next Generation pawns are weighted.
Will fit with bigger chess sets also. (Posted on 2/7/2020)

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Product Details

Manufacturer Musketeer Chess
Material(s) Plastic
Weighting Single Weighted with Triple Weighted Next Gen Pawn Variant Pieces
King Height 3.75'' inch / 9.53 cm
King Base Diameter 1.5'' inch / 3.81 cm
Recommended Chess Board Size 2.25" inch / 5.7 cm
Basepad Material Billiard Cloth
Median Set Weight 33.5 oz
Total Number of Pieces 50 Chess Pieces including 2 extra Queens (for pawn promotion) and 16 Next Gen Pawn Variant Pieces

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