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The Club Player's Manifesto - Ultimate Super Pack - 7 DVDs

The Club Player’s Manifesto Super Value Pack is a unique comprehensive course with chess lessons for advanced players who want to move to the next category.
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Product Description

Chess lessons for Advanced Players: Club Player’s Manifesto Super Pack

The Club Player’s Manifesto Super Value Pack is a unique comprehensive course with chess lessons for advanced players who want to move to the next category.

Many of the ideas presented in this course have never been properly explained to club players before.

The lessons contained in the course are intended to make it feel as if you are studying one-on-one with Grandmaster Damian Lemos.

The course has been carefully designed so that after completing all the material, you will have everything you need to advance to the next level whether you are new to club chess or on the verge of becoming a master.

The Club Player’s Manifesto Series employs an innovative approach to learning the core essentials of chess for club players up to Candidate Master, guided by Grandmaster Damian Lemos, one of the World Leaders in Chess DVD presentation brought to you exclusively by iChess.NET.

This super-pack includes 20 volumes of the Club Player’s Manifesto series, compressed into 7 DVDs in which GM Damian Lemos explains his route from club level to the Grandmaster title.

Viewers will learn how Grandmaster Lemos approaches chess training and how you can design a similar regimen for success as he goes into great detail explaining key concepts related to all phases of the game.

Is this course for me?

If you are a club player and want to become better at chess while also having fun as you learn, then the Club Players Manifesto-Ultimate Super Pack is right for you.

The Club Players Manifesto is an amazing guide for club players who are struggling. The pack covers all of what the club player needs in order to advance into the next category.

Grandmaster Lemos will teach you about GM-level tactics and endgame technique, guaranteeing you improve your chess in a truly holistic manner.

The Club Player’s Manifesto Parts 1 & 2

  • iChess.net – The Official Course for aspiring ‘Candidate Masters’.
  • Exclusive Grandmaster Video by a brilliant presenter.
  • Extended PDF summaries have numbered matching bullet points of all pertinent content.
  • Dozens of relevant practice problems per disc of a structured 7 DVD set.
  • The most comprehensive club players “DVD course with materials” ever released.
  • PGN files included free for every DISC.
  • Brought to you by iChess.net – The World Leaders in DVD education.

GM Damian Lemos will show you the secrets of chess strategy at the highest level through extensively-analyzed master games. Emphasizing the correct plans and ideas at every moment, it is a series of chess lessons for advanced players to complement their training with an aspect more difficult than tactics.

Product Specifications
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ISBN Does not apply
Host GM Damian Lemos
Popular Collections ChessLecture.com DVDs
Publication Date August 22, 2016
Runtime 40 hours
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere
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