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The Chess Expert's Combination - Regulation Silicone Pieces | Silicone Chess Board | Deluxe Bag | Luxe Scorebook

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The Chess Expert's Combination includes one (each) of the following items...

Regulation Silicone Rubber Chess Pieces

  • Traditional Staunton pattern.
  • 3.75" king with 1.5" base diameter.
  • Complete set of 34 pieces - Includes two additional queens for pawn promotion!
  • Manufactured out of Silicone and is virtually indestructible.

Silicone Tournament Chessboard (2.25" Squares)

  • 20" x 20" in size
  • Features rank and file labels on all four sides - ideal for beginners!
  • Manufactured out of high-grade silicone and will ALWAYS lie flat! 
  • Rolls up into a tight tube-shape for easy transport

Deluxe Chess Bag

  • 24" x 9" in size.
  • Designed to hold all chess equipment, including clock, scorebook and 2 pencils.
  • Features two zippered compartments to comfortably store the chess pieces.
  • Has two internal loops to hold rolled up chessboard for easy transport.
  • Removable shoulder strap and two nylon handles.
  • Can hold ANY Chess Clock - including the Chronos!

Luxe Chess Scorebook

  • The perfect solution for permanent game recording! This hardcover-bound chess notation score book, with space for logging up to 80 moves per game, allows games to be recorded and maintained in excellent condition for future analysis. The book is a clean, high quality professional design which will make a nice addition to your chess library.


Customer Reviews

Good weight, good quality Review by Ed
I purchased this set to play with my 6 year old twins. I like the weight of the pieces (heavy, a good feel to it), and that the mat always lays flat (even on carpet). The pieces are hair and dirt magnets, which I expected with silicone. It's very minor, however, it might be off-putting if using it for competition play. The bag has plenty of space, and the chess book included is very high quality. I saw reviews that players did not like that the pieces stick or do not slide when moving or adjusting. That was my biggest concern when deciding to go with full silicone. However, I've had no problems with this, not noticeable at all. Finally, the finish from the mold is noticeable. A thin line where they connect, or slightly irregular. This is only noticeable if you are staring or comparing pieces. So they are not pieces of artwork, it's to play, and you would only notice it if you really focused on it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. (Posted on 2/2/2020)

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Product Details

ISBN Does not apply
Manufacturer The House of Staunton
Material(s) Silicone
Weighting No Additional Weighting
King Height 3.75'' inch / 9.53 cm
King Base Diameter 1.5'' inch / 3.81 cm
Basepad Material None - Pieces Are Unweighted
Square Size 2.25'' inch / 5.7 cm
Chess Board Footprint 20 x 20 inches
Dimensions 24" x 9"
Median Set Weight 20.1 oz (0.57 kg)
Total Number of Pieces 34 Chess Pieces, including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion)

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