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Ray Keene's Good Move Guide

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The best move in a chess game is often just as hard to find as the best thing to eat in a restaurant, and in each case you have only one chance; there's no going back for a second try. Here are 70 splendid games by the world's finest players. In each game the authors have focused on the key position — the moment of decision which proved to be the turning point of the game. In each case they show how the winner avoided the obvious and the mundane, and instead picked the surprising move to win. Complete with sun symbols for bright moves and star ratings for game quality, this is the first gourmet guide to chess perfection. Raymond Keene, Grandmaster, British champion 1971, has played on top board for England in several Olympiads and the European Team Championship. He was Victor Korchnoi's chief assistant in the 1978 World Championship Match against Karpov in the Philippines, and is President of the Com-monwealth Chess Association. Andrew Whiteley, three times member of the English Olympic team and three times runner-up in the British Championship, was Joint European Junior Champion in 1964.

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Product Details

ISBN 0192175823
Manufacturer Oxford
Author/s Andrew Whiteley, Raymond Keene
Pages 141
Publication Date Jul 1, 1982
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Book Binding Type Paperback

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