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Openings Crash Course - GM Maxim Dlugy

You won’t learn how to outplay Kasparov or Carlsen out of the opening. What you will learn is how to play high quality opening moves against any under 2200 rated opponent. That’s exactly what >95% of club players need!
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Product Description

Description / Openings Crash Course - GM Maxim Dlugy

Every club player wants to have a Grandmaster level chess opening preparation. However, once you start working on the openings you realize exactly how time-consuming that is. You may spend days studying a single line, which you’ll probably never see in any of your games. And that’s very disappointing…

The theory found in books is generally very advanced, with zillions of mainlines, sub-lines, sub-variations, off-beat lines… you name it.

To understand just a little bit of a single opening you need to go through dozens of variations, and unless you have a photographic memory that simply won’t work.  Club players cannot spend months studying a single opening for black pieces! We understand that! How wonderful would be to spend just 2 hours of your time and to understand the main ideas and plans behind 20 different openings? Would you feel more confident playing your next game if you knew that there are no d4-lines out there that can catch you off-guard?

Well, here is your chance. GM Maxim Dlugy has compiled his 20 years of chess opening theory experience into a single crash course.

You won’t learn how to outplay Kasparov or Carlsen out of the opening. What you will learn is how to play high quality opening moves against any under 2200 rated opponent. That’s exactly what >95% of club players need!

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ISBN 654074994941
Host GM Maxim Dlugy
Publication Date Mar 8, 2019
Runtime 2 hours
Hardware Requirements Works on All Platforms (MP4 Format)
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere

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