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This book is a fully-revised combination of two collections of David Navara’s games and blogposts published in Czech, Můj šachový svět (Prague, 2015) and Můj světový šach (Prague, 2017). The titles, My Chess World and My World Chess, betray the fact that David doesn’t only like to play chess, he also likes to play with words. I have tried to maintain his unique voice and the spirit of his writing in English. 

The correct heading above should be ‘Translators’ note’ because there was more than one translator involved in the production of this book, largely David and I, but some games were also translated by GM Igor Štohl. Trans- lating with the author means that the work remains very much David’s.

This book is not a pure (auto)biography, rather a games collection. It consists mainly of interesting high-class games played by me, including many losses. Most of the games are preceded by accompanying texts, which vary from essays to tournament reports. The title of the book might seem presumptuous, but I wanted to show how I see or experience the competitions without denying the chess worlds of others. While the texts are mostly light and subjective, at the same time I tried hard to stick to the facts and provide some food for thought.” ~ David Navara


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ISBN 9789492510808
Manufacturer Thinkers Publishing
Author/s David Navara
Pages 611 pages
Publication Date Apr 23, 2020
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback

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