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In this 33+ hour bundle on Magnus Carlsen, you will be able to enjoy 2 short courses presented by the World Chess Champion himself, plus 8 other courses about Carlsen by top-level chess coaches and players.
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In this 33+ hour bundle on Magnus Carlsen, you will be able to enjoy 2 short courses presented by the World Chess Champion himself, plus 8 other courses about Carlsen by top-level chess coaches and players.

On Magnus Carlsen – GMs Artur Jussupow and Jan Gustafsson

Two top grandmasters look at the reasons behind Magnus Carlsen’s remarkable success!

In this course, presented by the duo of GMs Jan Gustafsson and Artur Jussupov, we see a great analysis of many of GM Magnus Carlsen’s games.

Artur shares his insights into Magnus’ thinking process and explains all of his moves clearly. This makes every move understandable for us mere mortals.

After watching these videos, you will have a much better understanding of Magnus Carsen as a player. You’ll be able to appreciate how the highest-rated player in history thinks about his moves and how he is able to convert equal positions into wins more than any other player.


Carlsen vs Caruana: Past, Present, Future – GM Jan Gustafsson and IM Lawrence Trent

Carlsen vs Caruana, the rivalry many expect to define the next 5-10 years of elite chess, is examined in meticulous detail in this revealing course.

Could Fabiano Caruana, with his hard-working approach and constant improvement, be the perfect opposite to the prodigiously talented but more laid-back Magnus Carlsen?

Over the course of 3 hours, GM Jan Gustafsson and IM Lawrence Trent look at the strengths and weaknesses of both of these fantastic players.

Analysis of their individual encounters shows the evolution of the Carlsen vs Caruana rivalry as well as being a very instructive glimpse into the highest level of chess play.


Young Magnus Carlsen – IM Sopiko Guramishvili and IM Anna Rudolf

In this 4.5-hour course, the effervescent duo of Miss Strategy (IM Anna Rudolf) and Miss Tactics (IM Sopiko Guramishivili) look at the early years of Magnus Carlsen with 16 of his most impressive games on the way to becoming the youngest ever Grandmaster, aged 13.

Miss Strategy and Miss Tactics give their opinions and explanations of each move and idea, helping the viewer to learn tactical ideas and positional concepts from a true chess genius.

As well as the brilliant games, Anna and Sopiko give the background to Magnus’ development with biographical notes on his year out of school, special invites to international tournaments, and his training with GM Simen Agdestein.

This course comes with the PGN of all the featured games and puzzles for you to test yourself against. Highly recommended for fans of great games and chess history!


Magnus Carlsen’s Rise to the Top – IM Sopiko Guramishvili and IM Anna Rudolf

IMs Guramishvili and Rudolf continue their exploration of Magnus Carlsen’s career, covering some of his best games from 2004 up to the moment he became the world’s number one rated player in 2010.

Magnus himself recommended some of his favorite games from that period!


Magnus Carlsen: World Champion – IM Anna Rudolf and IM Sopiko Guramishvili
Anna Rudolf (Miss Strategy) and Sopiko Guramishvili (Miss Tactics) continue their exciting journey exploring the impressive career of Magnus Carlsen.

Starting with the Candidates Tournament in London 2013, where Magnus almost missed out after a last-round thriller, before moving on to the Chennai World Chess Championship in the same year, where Magnus dethroned Vishy Anand and became champion at the age of 22. Anna and Sopiko show all the decisive moments!

Finally, Magnus defends his title in a rematch with Vishy in Sochi in 2014, with four games put under the microscope.


Carlsen vs Caruana 2015-2018 – GM Jan Gustafsson & GM Pepe Cuenca

In the run-up to the 2018 World Chess Championship match, Grandmasters Pepe Cuenca and Jan Gustafsson went through all 17 classical games Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana had played against each other from 2015 until 2018.

We can also learn a lot from encounters between these two premier players of our time.


The Stonewall Dutch – GM Magnus Carlsen
Learn the Dutch Stonewall with World Champion Magnus Carlsen
World Champion Magnus Carlsen teaches you how to play the Dutch Stonewall, a chess opening based on putting your pawns on f5, e6 and d5 with Black. “The Stonewall can give you so many types of positions, strategic fights, tactical fights,” says Carlsen.

Using his own games, Magnus Carlsen shows us the ideas that he pioneered or applied to beat the likes of Vishy Anand and Fabiano Caruana with the black pieces.

The main goal of this chess course is to understand how to play the Dutch Stonewall! Start employing a fighting opening with Black, unbalancing the structure early on – plus get to enjoy watching how the World Champion does it.

In the introduction to his series on the Stonewall, World Champion Magnus Carlsen explains how he was taught this structure and how you can benefit from this series.

He then analyzes his first official game in which he employed the Dutch Stonewall against Vishy Anand in 2015.

In chapter 3, Magnus Carlsen goes over the plan he followed as Black when faced with a strong idea his opponent Fabiana Caruana used with White against him.

Then in chapter 4, Carlsen dives into the Nh3 idea for White and how Black can play dynamic moves in order to maintain the pressure on the kingside.

The final part of this series is dedicated to a not-so-frequent way of playing the Dutch Stonewall, which is without the dark-squared bishops.

Ready to get coached by the reigning World Champion?


Attacking without Sacrificing – GM Magnus Carlsen
World Champion Magnus Carlsen teaches you how to attack in chess! By going through some of his best games, Magnus shows his method of quietly closing in on the opponent’s king, even without giving up material.

The goal of this video series is to master the art of attacking quietly, ninja-style!

Enjoy some of Magnus’ best games and learn from the best of the best explaining his own decision-making process.

Master the more refined attacking skills such as long-range pressure, maneuvering with intent, and escape square elimination with this incredible 4-part course from the World Champion.

Magnus Carlsen explains that the real skill is to get positions where you can attack without the need to sacrifice anything.

He analyzes some of his games from recent years to illustrate how this can be achieved.

You will be able to learn from the thinking method Carlsen presents in a clear and easy-to-understand way.


The Magnus Method – FM Emmanuel Neiman and GM Laurent Fressinet

In the company of Magnus Carlsen’s second, French GM Laurent Fressinet, FM Emmanuel Neiman helps us discover his new book “The Magnus Method” through some selected examples.

You will discover the playing style of the current world champion Magnus Carlsen through examples selected from “The Magnus Method.”

Play Rapid & Blitz Like Magnus – GM Ivan Salgado Lopez
Spanish GM and acclaimed chess24 author Ivan Salgado Lopez takes a look at the special skills of World Champion Magnus Carlsen in rapid and blitz, and examines the aspects of his play in these disciplines that can help the viewers of this series to improve their play and results as well.

This course will help you improve your performance in rapid and blitz by applying the lessons we learn from the play of Magnus Carlsen in short time-controls.

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