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The House of Staunton Fitted Briefcase in Red Burl provides the ultimate level of protection for your Chessmen. Unlike traditional Chess boxes, where the Chess pieces are stacked on top of each other while not in use, the Fitted Briefcase provides each of the Chess pieces their own individual form-fitted compartment. When the Chessmen are secured in the Fitted Briefcase, there is no movement whatsoever and the only way your Chess pieces will be damaged is if it something pierces the actual Chess box. This fitted briefcase is designed to hold 34 chessmen, which includes the two extra queens included with every House of Staunton Chess Set.


Customer Reviews

Good but has issues Review by Chess Magnet
I bought two of these boxes (one Mahogany colour and the Red Burl colour) for my chess sets with 4.4" Kings that I bought from another supplier. These are well-built boxes (they're veneer and not solid wood, as most everything is these days). The Knights in my sets have a relatively wide body and have large extruding ears. I have to jam them into the space placing the ears in first and pushing them back against the back of the allotted space. I'm finding that the ears are cutting the foam and I suspect that eventually, all the foam between the Knight's head and the Bishop will be chopped away. If I'm not careful, the Knight's ears protrude through the foam and hit the adjacent Bishop. For that reason, I don't let anyone else place the pieces in the case because I'm afraid that if the Knights are misplaced, that the Bishops may hit the Knight's ears and break them off. Also, I have a couple of other cases with much softer foam. Those cases fit the pieces well as the pieces "mold" into the space. I find the foam in the House of Staunton cases denser than what it needs to be. In my view, the pieces would be better served in softer foam. Also, if the cases were even an extra 3/4" wider to allow more space for larger Knights so that the Knights wouldn't hit the Bishops, this would be a huge improvement. The case is well built, the hardware and handle are as expected of fine quality except for the locking mechanism which is "very" difficult to use and you really have to work at it to lock the case.
So, in summary, the case is well built and will keep your pieces safe and secure as I prefer these types of cases compared to those where your pieces "flop around" in the case. The foam is harder than needed and the case would ideally be about 3/4" wider to ensure that pieces don't hit each other. The cases were well packed and arrived undamaged, as is always my experience with HOS. (Posted on 2/20/2020)

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Product Details

ISBN Does not apply
Manufacturer The House of Staunton
Woods Used Red Burl
Box Dimensions 17.0”x 17.0”x 4.0
Fits King Height Up To 4.4" - Including 2 Additional Queens

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