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MASTERCLASS - Damian Lemos' Strategy Chess Masterclass - GM Damian Lemos - Over 9 hours of Content! - Volume 3

Chess Strategy Masterclass

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Masterclass #03

Discover the secrets of chess strategy with this new, 9½ hour course from GM Damian Lemos!

With insightful analysis of 15 carefully selected games, GM Lemos explains what to do at the board to properly plan and create well-constructed, winning positions.

Every aspect of strategic play is studied, showing you how to effectively mobilize your forces while working to restrict and create weaknesses for your opponents.

Confidently evaluate a position, create the right plan and find the right moves – even in games where the best plan isn’t always easy to see.

Find the winning moves in any type of position with the Chess Strategy Masterclass!

Chapter Summary:

  1. Capitalizing on weak squares: Seirawan-Short
  2. Winning a ‘won’ position: Capablanca-Chajes
  3. Strategic piece sacrifice: Vajda-Fridman
  4. Playing against hanging pawns: Gurevich-Dolmatov
  5. Good and bad minor pieces: Khalifman-Adams
  6. Navigating cramped positions: Soln-Wahls
  7. Creating piece harmony: Krasenkow-Sakaev
  8. Key files and diagonals: Rozentalis-Georgiadis
  9. Creating fixed targets: Polugaevsky-Mecking
  10. Holes in the enemy camp: Yates-Nimzowitsch
  11. Converting space advantages: Karpov-Unzicker
  12. Effective piece activity: Marshall-Capablanca
  13. Infiltrating weaknesses: Adams-Lemos
  14. Opposite colored Bishops: Kramnik-Svidler
  15. Poor piece placement: Langeweg-Petrosian

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Product Details

Host GM Damien Lemos
Popular Collections MASTERCLASS
Publication Date Dec 12, 2017
Runtime 9.5 hours
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere

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