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Christmas Shipping F.A.Q.s
UPDATED 11/24/16 

When will my order ship?

Orders placed at the House of Staunton are shipped in the order in which they are received. And while we always strive to ship all orders the same business day that they are placed, it isn’t always possible during the holiday rush. We ask that you please allow one full business day for your order to ship. An order placed on Tuesday before 3:00PM Central should ship by the close of business on Wednesday. If you need your order to ship immediately, we do offer a Rush Shipping option that will insure that all in-stock items ordered before 2:00PM Central will ship the same business day. There is a small fee for this service, but it is usually much cheaper than one of the express delivery options.


When will my order be delivered?



If you need your package before Christmas, The House of Staunton strongly recommends that you ship one of our Federal Express (Fedex) shipping options. Unlike the US Postal Service, Fedex Shipments offer guaranteed delivery by a certain date* with a refund of the shipping cost if your package isn’t delivered on time. The USPS does not offer such a guarantee. Further, the USPS often advertises a certain delivery time – USPS Priority Mail as 2-Day Delivery – but this is the average delivery time and it could take significantly longer depending on the distance the package has to travel.


We are located in Huntsville, Alabama. The Map above shows the delivery time of packages across the United States. For example, Missouri is Light Blue so it is a 2 Day delivery time. If your package ships on Wednesday, then it will deliver on Friday.


It is a common mistake to include the day of shipping when trying to determine which day the package will be delivered. If your package is shipped on Monday, then Monday would not be the first day.Tuesday would be the first day.


When determining which shipping method to use, please do keep in mind that it can take up to one business day for your order to ship. So if you order on Wednesday, your package might not ship until Thursday. And if you live in a 4 day delivery zone – (Friday, Monday, Tuesday…) – Your package may not be delivered on time.  But then it might, as Federal Express Historically works around the clock during the weekends and delivers to certain areas on Christmas day because they know how important it is for your package to get there on time.


And please remember that, if you need it to ship immediately, we do offer Rush Shipping option. For just $5.00, your order (if placed before 2:00pm) will ship the same business day, which means that a customer in California WOULD get their package before Christmas if they ordered on Sunday, December 18th.


Do you offer Express Shipping, such as 2Day and Standard Overnight?


Yes we do! We offer both Fedex 2Day and Standard Overnight shipping for your consideration. And because our company does so much shipping with Fedex, we’ve been able to negotiate heavily discounted shipping rates and we pass the savings on to you! Compare our 2Day and Standard Overnight shipping rates with our competitors – You’ll see that we’re often 30%-50% less.


What if I have any special requirements, such as needing a package not to be delivered during a certain time period (due to travel)?


If you have any special needs or requirements, we encourage you to include a note with your order to make our chess specialists aware of your needs. Our staff will then do their best to meet your needs.

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