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    Chess Handbook for Parents and Coaches
    Catalog Code: B0044OB

    The Chess Handbook for Parents and Coaches provides a proven method of teaching chess to kids. Whether you know how to play or not, this book guides you through the process of teaching chess to a child. In sixteen clear, and easy to follow lessons, Part One - Teaching Chess, shows what and how to teach all the way from learning the pieces names to checkmate, including the rules your player(s) will need to know. Part Two - The Chess World, explains what goes on in chess, how tournaments work, how to coach players, from new to advanced, how to coach kids who are playing older kids, who the famous chess players are, and much more.

    Chess Handbook for Parents and Coaches

    Teaching Chess in the 21st Century
    Strategies and Connections to a Standards-Based World
    Catalog Code: B0005OB

    A beginner chess book for teachers, chess club sponsors, or parents with young children. An elementary school teacher can use this book as a textbook to incorporate chess into their standards-based math program incorporating National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards. Also included are exemplars and rubrics and teacher tips about how to handle situations that frequently occur while students are playing chess. Tried and true tested analogies that children will relate to are incorporated so that young children can learn chess in an effective and fun way.

    Teaching Chess in the 21st Century

    Chess! Lessons from a Grandmaster
    Catalog Code: B0121OB

    At last a beginners Resource for Learning Chess! This book is an excellent educational guide to understanding this magnificent game. It was written by the 2008 US Chess Champion and his student systematically laying out the foundation of their technical knowledge. Each chapter builds on previous knowledge helping the reader to advance the depth and scope of their understanding.

    Chess! Lessons from a Grandmaster

    Chess Handbook - Book for Arbiters
    Catalog Code: B0022SHV

    Imagine that, no matter how good your coach is, he may have never dragged your attention to explaining some simple cases that could arise in a tournament game. Or worse, say you are a chess professional, but failed to study the latest changes on the laws of chess and namely this brought you to a situation where you simply lost your prize money due to the mentioned fact. So, a natural question would be: Who this book is intended for? First and foremost - the chess arbiters, as it is stated on the book cover. Bojovic and Suhartovic, experienced International Arbiters and FIDE lecturers, have tried to handle the matter in such a way that even the beginners may master it, and that at the same time it would be useful to any chess arbiter as well. Since the jobs of arbiters and organizers are inextricably linked, it is considered that also the organizers shall find useful information in it. In addition, it will be useful to all chess players, primarily to professionals.

    Chess Handbook - Book for Arbiters


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Score Books & Club Supplies

Browse our selection of Chess Scorebooks and Club Supplies. Chess Scorebooks serve the purpose of recording your games for future analysis. Chess Club Supplies consist of score books, chess pens and pencils, and score sheets. An essential kit to own if you run a club or tournament would be the Basic Tournament Director Kit. This kit includes a pack of 100 carbonless score sheets, tournament pairing cards and a Chess Player's scorepad. The kit comes packed inside a deluxe day brief carrying bag with a stylish Chess design.

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