Your Jungle Guide to 1. D4! V. 1B

Grandmasters Kotronias and Ivanov are renowned as leading theoreticians and chess trainers. They offer a unique and world-class repertoire based on 1.d4! They advocate an ambitious approach for White, with the aim to fight for an advantage in any position. This is their first joint effort; they tackle the ever-popular Queen’s Gambit Accepted and their sidelines in Volume 1A and 1B.
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What you are holding in your hands is the natural follow up of Volume 1 where some “lesser" openings after 1.d4 d5 2.c4 were examined, as well as a couple of less popular variations of the Queen's Gambit Accepted. This second Volume comprises all of the established main lines of the QGA after our recommended 3.44 with the intention of giving you a full picture of this topical opening while helping you build a repertoire based on aggressive ideas.

Objectively speaking, it is very hard for White to find an advantage in the event of the absolute main lines 3...f6 and 3...e5, but we believe we have done our duty. We scrutinized multiple interesting variations with the help of engines while applying our human understanding to select those lines that would be the most unpleasant for Black.

Additionally, we tried to provide you with as many alternatives as possible so as not to become “victims” of a narrow repertoire. In the end a chess game may be a draw, but an author's duty is to provide you with several ideas with which you may confront your opponent to deprive him of that very draw. We believe our work has achieved this goal.

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ISBN 9789464201246
Author/s Vassilios Kotronias, Mikhail Ivanov
Pages 648 pages
Publication Date February 10, 2022
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback
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