Chess Informant - Issue 151

Eternally Puzzled
Chess Informant 151 contains hundreds of games, annotated by strong players, cross tables, tournament results, separate chapters on combinations, endgames, problems, studies. It includes analysis of particular openings, regular columns of top players on various themes etc.
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*Eternally Puzzled*


Presents 350 pages of the very best in chess:

  • Sokolov – Tata Steel 2022 Wijk aan Zee (Tournament Review)
  • Moradiabadi – Fide Grand Prix I Berlin (Tournament Review
  • Leitao – The Clash of Generations (Tournament Review)
  • Ivanisevic – Zugzwang – Modern Practice (Instructive Lesson)
  • Prusikin – Bishop Pair in Closed Positions (Instructive Lesson)
  • Foisor – IQP Positions – Ideas and Plans for White (Instructive Lesson)
  • Golubev – The Berlin Ruy Lopez Re1 Variation (Theoretical Survey)
  • Davies – The 3…Qd6 Scandinavian (Theoretical Survey)
  • Perunovic – The Paulsen Sicilian (Theoretical Survey)
  • Szabo – Fianchetto English A49 – part II (Theoretical Survey)
  • Petrov – World Championship Game Changers – part 3
  • Rogers – Manila Chess Olympiad 1992 (Roger’s Reminiscences)
  • Griffin – A Tribute to Lev Psakhis (From Informant Archives)
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Author/s Chess Informant
Pages 336 pages
Publication Date April 7, 2022
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Popular Series Chess Informants
Book Binding Type Paperback
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