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  1. Ishi Press (26)
  2. Everyman Chess (20)
  3. Gambit Publishing (6)
  4. New in Chess (6)
  5. Russell Enterprises (5)
  6. Chess Information (4)
  7. Self Published (3)
  8. Chess Digest (3)
  9. Chess Evolution (3)
  10. Sahovski Chess (3)
  11. S1 Editrice (2)
  12. Quality Chess (2)
  13. Silman James Press (2)
  14. Hays Publishing (2)
  15. Dover Chess (2)
  16. Under Cover Publishing (1)
  17. Ariva Publishing (1)
  18. McFarland Publishing (1)
  19. Russian Chess House (1)
  20. Random House (1)
  21. Players' Press (1)
  22. Batsford Chess (1)
  23. Farrar Straus & Giroux (1)
  24. Cardoza Chess (1)
  25. US Chess Federation (1)
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  1. USCF Endorsed Products (5)
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  1. Comprehensive Chess Course (2)
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  5. LAN - Long Algebraic (1)
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  3. Andre Philidor (1)
  4. Angus Dunnington (1)
  5. Arnold Denker (1)
  6. Aron Nimzowitsch (2)
  7. Assiac (1)
  8. Betty Roberts (1)
  9. Bobby Fischer (1)
  10. Boris Gulko (1)
  11. Branislav Suhartovic (1)
  12. Burt Hochberg (1)
  13. C. H. OD Alexander (1)
  14. Carl Portman (1)
  15. Chess Informant (1)
  16. Chess Informants (2)
  17. Christian Hesse (1)
  18. Coach Jay Stallings (1)
  19. Colin Crouch (1)
  20. Dan Heisman (1)
  21. Danny Gormally (1)
  22. Danny Kopec (1)
  23. David Bronstein (1)
  24. David Friedgood (1)
  25. David Lemoir (1)
  26. David Levy (2)
  27. Dirk Geuzendam (2)
  28. Don Schultz (2)
  29. Donald M. Liddell (1)
  30. Dr. Danny Kopec (1)
  31. E. Ilyin (1)
  32. Emanuel Lasker (2)
  33. Eric Schiller (1)
  34. Eric Schiller (1)
  35. Fabien Libiszewski (1)
  36. Genna Sosonko (1)
  37. Genrikh Chepukatis (1)
  38. Georges Renaud (1)
  39. Hal Terrie (1)
  40. Howard Staunton (2)
  41. I.A. Horowitz (1)
  42. Irving Chernev (2)
  43. Irving Chernev. (1)
  44. Jacob Aagaard (1)
  45. Jacob Aagaard (1)
  46. Jeremy Silman (3)
  47. Jeroen Bosch (2)
  48. Jesse Kraii (1)
  49. John Graham (1)
  50. John Nunn (2)
  51. Jon Edwards (2)
  52. Jonathan Levitt (1)
  53. Jose Raul Capablanca (3)
  54. Josh Waitzkin (1)
  55. Kenneth Harkness (1)
  56. Kerry Lawless (2)
  57. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (1)
  58. Larry Evans (1)
  59. Larry Parr (1)
  60. Leonard Morgan (1)
  61. Lev Alburt (4)
  62. Lou Hays (1)
  63. Matthew Sadler (1)
  64. Max Euwe (1)
  65. Michael de la Maza (2)
  66. Nigel Davies (1)
  67. Nigel Povah (1)
  68. Paul Keres (1)
  69. Peter Zhdanov (1)
  70. Reuben Fine (2)
  71. Richard Marcus (1)
  72. Richard Reti (1)
  73. Richard Tarravechia (1)
  74. Robert E. Burger (1)
  75. Robin Smith (1)
  76. Roman Pelts (2)
  77. Russell Chauvenet (1)
  78. Sam Sloan (3)
  79. Siegbert Tarrasch (1)
  80. Simon Williams (3)
  81. Steve Giddins (2)
  82. Tim Just (3)
  83. Timothy Taylor (1)
  84. V. Grishin (1)
  85. Victor Kahn (1)
  86. Walter Tevis (1)
  87. William Kent Smith (1)
  88. William Stewart (2)
  89. Yuri Felshtinsky (1)
  90. Zoran Bojovic (1)
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  1. Chess Behind Bars

    Chess Behind Bars

    Chess Behind Bars offers a guide to chess in prisons that will instruct and entertain regardless of your situation. It covers almost every aspect of chess imaginable – from the rules to chess history, from puzzles to famous games, and even some tips for improvement. It is a smorgasbord of chess, seen from an unusual angle. Learn More
  2. Chess Handbook - Book for Arbiters

    Chess Handbook - Book for Arbiters

    Imagine that, no matter how good your coach is, he may have never dragged your attention to explaining some simple cases that could arise in a tournament game. Or worse, say you are a chess professional, but failed to study the latest changes on the laws of chess and namely this brought you to a situation where you simply lost your prize money due to the mentioned fact. So, a natural question would be: Who this book is intended for? First and foremost - the chess arbiters, as it is stated on the book cover. Bojovic and Suhartovic, experienced International Arbiters and FIDE lecturers, have tried to handle the matter in such a way that even the beginners may master it, and that at the same time it would be useful to any chess arbiter as well. Since the jobs of arbiters and organizers are inextricably linked, it is considered that also the organizers shall find useful information in it. In addition, it will be useful to all chess players, primarily to professionals. Learn More
  3. 50 Ways to Win at Chess

    50 Ways to Win at Chess

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price $5.00

    In a sequel to the hugely successful 50 Essential Chess Lessons, Steve Giddins now presents 50 games that each illustrate an important winning method. This engaging and highly readable book is a painless way to build your personal arsenal of techniques and ideas. Learn More
  4. The Queen's Gambit - a Chess Novel

    The Queen's Gambit - a Chess Novel

    There has never been a top ranked woman chess player. But suppose if an American girl were born with abilities in chess that matched the greatest players. What would happen to her in a highly competitive field dominated by men? Starting from this premise, the author Walter Tevis, who some years ago interested a generation of Americans in straight pool with the book “The Hustler”, has produced a riveting novel that makes chess more exciting than one could have imagined. Learn More
  5. Les Professionnels - FRENCH EDITION

    Les Professionnels - FRENCH EDITION

    Au menu: des analyses de parties, des exercices, des questions/réponses pour découvrir le quotidien de nos GMs, vous saurez tout ou presque sur MVL, Bacrot, Fressinet, Edouard, Bauer, Millet, Guichard et bien d'autres. Learn More
  6. Checkmate - Bobby Fischer's Boys' Life Columns

    Checkmate - Bobby Fischer's Boys' Life Columns

    From December 1966 until January 1970, Bobby Fischer wrote a chess column for Boys’ Life, the official magazine of the Boy Scouts of America. Now, for the first time, all of these columns have been collected in one volume. It is an eclectic mix, a fascinating look at Fischer’s writing and thinking as he reached his prime, maturing into the strongest player in the world. Learn More
  7. Just Law

    Just Law

    Get the Just Law scoop on the most popular chess tournament questions from players, tournament directors and organizers. In the book’s Q&A format, Tim Just guides you through a wide range of tournament topics, including details about notation, draws, byes, clocks, prizes, prize funds, ratings, making claims, playing sites, time controls, pairings, tournament management, tournament creation, scholastic chess mysteries, and even more. Learn More
  8. The Luneburg Variation

    The Luneburg Variation


    Readers even more than critics are impassioned by the beat of an unpredictable drum: The Luneburg Variation, a first novel, has become the most significant book of the literary year. Their enthusiasm gives hope. 

    Learn More
  9. Incident At the Sicilian Dragon

    Incident At the Sicilian Dragon

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price $7.48

    High up in the Transamerica Building in San Francisco, Jacob Kin sits all day staring at colored lines flickering across a video display monitor. The road that takes him from the "ultimate turkey job" to the center of a surreal revolution in which neither side knows the identity of the other is the subject of this comic novel 

    Learn More
  10. Winning at Blitz

    Winning at Blitz

    One of the strongest blitz players in the world, Genrikh articulated his philosophy on chess with one clever phrase: 'there's no need for you to play - well just make sure your opponent plays poorly!' His book will teach you how to act when your clock is ticking, catch your opponents off guard, put them in serious time trouble, and make them blunder. Learn More
  11. My System

    My System

    Aron Nimzowitsch was one of the greatest chess players of the 1920s and 1930s, ranked just behind the famous World Champions Alekhine and Capablanca. His reputation as an author is higher still.My System is at the top of a very short list of chess classics. Nimzowitsch's ideas have had a profound influence on modern chess thinking. Most chess masters will at some point have studied Nimzowitsch's work, and not to have read My System is by many regarded as a shocking gap in a chess player's education. Learn More
  12. My Opponent is Eating a Doughnut

    My Opponent is Eating a Doughnut

    Bobby Fischer is not alone in creating antics away from the chess board. His understudies, the royal game’s masters, players, fans, coaches, parents, tournament officials, and hangers-on, have created their own “tales from the wild side” escapades. This book chronicles those tales. Over the board chess experience takes a back seat to these anecdotes of human interest, human follies and quirky behavior. Lean back and enjoy this peek at human conduct on the sidelines of the chess universe Learn More
  13. Thought and Choice in Chess

    Thought and Choice in Chess

    What does a chessmaster think when he prepares his next move? How are his thoughts organized? Which methods and strategies does he use by solving his problem of choice? To answer these questions, the author did an experimental study in 1938, to which famous chessmasters participated (Alekhine, Max Euwe and Flohr). This book is still useful for everybody who studies cognition and artificial intelligence. Learn More
  14. Yearbook of Chess Wisdom

    Yearbook of Chess Wisdom

    In this book the author addresses 366 (one for each day of the year) intriguing chess topics which could be of interest to any chess fan, regardless of the playing level. For example: 
    • IQ and chess skills
    • Talent vs. hard work
    • How many games to play per year?
    • Are women underrated or overrated as compared to men?
    • Rating inflation in chess
    • What does your chess tell about your personality?
    • Playing computers: dos and don’ts
    • Developing your chess memory and visualization
    • How does one prepare for an upcoming tournament?
    • Is 1.e4 really “best by test”?
    Learn More
  15. A Year Inside the Chess World

    A Year Inside the Chess World

    In this at times hilarious and tragic account, Gormally shares the inner workings of the chess world — a world riven with insecurities, strange social customs and petty rivalries, while casting his analytical eye even on topics as disparate as eccentric waiters, strange Amsterdam zoos and inspiring mountain passes. It’s a story you won’t want to miss. Learn More
  16. Chessdon


    Memoirs of a Chess Official, organizer and member of the FIDE Executive Board of the World Chess Federation who participated in many controversial chess events including the matches by Fischer, Karpov and Kasparov for the World Chess Championships. The insider story of these important chess events. Learn More
  17. Fischer, Kasparov and the Others

    Fischer, Kasparov and the Others

    Memoirs of Chess Official, organizer and members of the FIDE Executive Board who participated in many controversial chess events including the matches by Fischer, Karpov and Kasparov for the World Chess Championships. The insider story of these important chess events. Learn More
  18. The World's Greatest Gambling Scams

    The World's Greatest Gambling Scams

    Regular Price: $17.95

    Special Price $0.99

    The World's Greatest Gambling Scams details the best scams ever pulled off in the adrenaline fuelled gambling world. Learn More
  19. CLEARANCE - The Chess Combat Simulator

    CLEARANCE - The Chess Combat Simulator

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price $5.00

    The Chess Combat Simulator is an exciting way to enhance your chess playing skills. You are invited to play a 'real' chess game against a Grand master - the difference is that the game has been played before. You can score points for each move, and at the end of each game you can rate your own performance. Learn More
  20. Finding Bobby Fischer

    Finding Bobby Fischer

    Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam’s gripping encounter with the legendary American recluse, a journalist’s dream come true, is the worthy apotheosis of this unique collection of interviews which were first published in New In Chess between 1986 and 1992. Learn More
  21. World Chess Championship Candidates Tournament Zurich 1953

    World Chess Championship Candidates Tournament Zurich 1953

    Whenever any grandmaster of chess is asked the question “Which chess book helped you the most” or “To what book do you most attribute your success”, the answer is almost always the same. All or almost all grandmasters say there is one book that stands above all others in leading to success over the board. The name of that book is: International Grandmasters Chess Tournament Zurich 1953 by David Bronstein, which is reprinted here under the more commonly used title of World Chess Championship Candidates Tournament Zurich 1953. Learn More
  22. The Personality of Chess

    The Personality of Chess

    Once the game of kings, chess now intrigues, fascinates, and experates millions of enthusiasts from all walks of life. What is it in the nature of this unique game that has appealed to so many people for so many centuries? What does this game mean for those who play in, and why does it interest even those who do not? Here are the answers in brilliant book that explains chess as a social, psychological, historical and dramatic phenomenon. Filled with unexpected humor and written in a language anyone can understand, The Personality of chess offers a vast amount of little known facts about the game, some in refutation of popular misconceptions, others boldly treading unexplored areas. Learn More
  23. The Game Of Chess

    The Game Of Chess

    A famous chess manual for 75 years, now re-edited for the modern chess player. Dr. Tarrasch was one of the world's strongest players in the late 19th century and this manual teaches chess from the novice level to Class A / Expert strength players. It fully covers, tactics, endings, and opening play. A must for every serious chess player. Learn More
  24. US Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess - SIXTH EDITION

    US Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess - SIXTH EDITION

    This comprehensive rulebook is the only guide sanctioned and compiled by the U.S. Chess Federation (USCF), the governing body for chess in the United States. It is designed to be a useful reference for all chess players, especially tournament directors and chess club teachers. Learn More
  25. CLEARANCE - Chessbase Complete

    CLEARANCE - Chessbase Complete

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Special Price $10.00

    There’s a general recognition among chess players at all levels that the ChessBase software application is critical for serious chess improvement, but many chess players are intimidated by the software. Now, for the first time, former U.S. correspondence champion Jon Edwards has created real-life scenarios that focus upon why the software is so important for chess players of every class, along with clear explanations of how to use ChessBase. Learn More
  26. Lisa - A Chess Novel

    Lisa - A Chess Novel

    The chess pieces knew how they moved. They knew what they wanted too. It wasn’t like school, where kids pretended they were masters of the teachers’ game. The adults didn’t know anything anyway. The real world was a big push to nothing. But Lisa escaped from all that. She found Igor Ivanov. He taught her how to play. Learn More
  27. Chess Psychology

    Chess Psychology

    In chess, more than in any other game, battles are won and lost in the mind. US National Master William Stewart is convinced that a positive attitude is crucial if you want to develop and achieve success as a chess player, and in this book he focuses on the vital subject of chess psychology. Learn More
  28. The World Champions I Knew

    The World Champions I Knew

    The legendary chess players that Genna Sosonko brings to life in this new collection of his acclaimed writing have one thing in common: Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal and Petrosian, they were all world champions. Learn More
  29. Test Evaluate and Improve Your Chess - 3RD EDITION

    Test Evaluate and Improve Your Chess - 3RD EDITION

    Through a revolutionary testing system, Dr. Kopec is able to quantify their overall chess strength, specific deficiencies and definite abilities, allowing him to pinpoint which aspects need the most work. This book, developed with the US Chess Federation, represents the sum of Dr. Kopec's knowledge and efforts to help chess players understand and acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve chess mastery. Learn More
  30. The Bright Side of Chess

    The Bright Side of Chess

    The Bright Side of Chess is a collection of curious stories, fantastic games, unusual positions, surprising combinations, all under one cover. Irving Chernev was not the strongest player, but he was the most entertaining writer in the history of chess. Learn More
  31. Fried Liver & Burning Pants

    Fried Liver & Burning Pants

    Coach Jay Stallings takes coaches and players alike through some of the strangest and weirdest (yet true!) stories in Chess. From how Ossip Bernstein had to save his own life with a game of chess to Bobby Fischer's amazing winning streak to Harry Nelson Pillsbury's ability to play Chess, Checkers and cards at the same time, there is something in here for everyone, complete with Coach Stalling's insights on what you can learn from these stories to improve your own game! Learn More
  32. Curious Chess Facts

    Curious Chess Facts

    Curious Chess Facts is Irving Chernev's first book. Published in 1937, it is his famous collection of chess anecdotes. The facts in this book are so famous that they have become part of chess lore, repeated thousands of times, published in countless books and magazine articles by many different authors, such that it is almost forgotten that this book is the original published source. Learn More
  33. Logical Chess - Move By Move

    Logical Chess - Move By Move

    Once you have learned the basic moves, how exactly should you improve? In this much loved classic, Irving Chernev explains 33 complete games in detail, telling the reader the reason for every single move. When you play through these games and explanations you will get a real insight into the power of the pieces and how to post them most effectively. Learn More
  34. The California Chess Reporter - VOLUME 1

    The California Chess Reporter - VOLUME 1

    The California Chess Reporter ran for 25 year from 1951 to 1976. It was published six times a year. The first issue of the California Chess Reporter, that promised continuous coverage of the entire state, appeared on June 1951. Learn More
  35. The California Chess Reporter - VOLUME 2

    The California Chess Reporter - VOLUME 2

    This volume includes reprints “The Chess Players”, originally from the October 1953 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The story of Zeno the Rat by Charles Harness faithfully recreates the small chess club atmosphere of 60 years ago. Learn More
  36. CLEARANCE - Chess Juggler

    CLEARANCE - Chess Juggler

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price $10.00

    These games are entertaining and instructive, and often somewhat unusual as they illustrate how one may prey upon human weaknesses. Learn More

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