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  1. Everyman Chess (377)
  2. Ishi Press (325)
  3. US Chess Federation (306)
  4. New in Chess (223)
  5. Quality Chess (94)
  6. Russell Enterprises (86)
  7. Thinkers Publishing (78)
  8. Chess Digest (69)
  9. Sahovski Chess (66)
  10. Chess Enterprises (64)
  11. Chess Evolution (63)
  12. Batsford Chess (51)
  13. Caissa Editions (46)
  14. Self Published (40)
  15. Chess Stars LTD. (37)
  16. Gambit Publishing (36)
  17. Russian Chess House (36)
  18. S1 Editrice (35)
  19. Elk and Ruby Publishing House (32)
  20. Mongoose Press (22)
  21. Moravian Chess (19)
  22. Dover Chess (16)
  23. Chess Informant (16)
  24. American Chess Magazine (14)
  25. Coach Jay's Chess Academy (14)
  26. Chess Information (13)
  27. Joachim Beyer Verlag (13)
  28. FIDECHESS Publications (12)
  29. Dragulf Books (12)
  30. KNSB Dutch (11)
  31. Simon and Schuster (10)
  32. Chess Player (10)
  33. Syzgy (8)
  34. Hays Publishing (8)
  35. British Chess Magazine (BCM) (8)
  36. Cadogan Chess (7)
  37. CarstenChess (7)
  38. American Chess (7)
  39. McFarland Publishing (7)
  40. Chess Detective (7)
  41. Lulu Press (6)
  42. Cardoza Chess (6)
  43. RHM Press (5)
  44. Thinker's Press (5)
  45. Pergamon Chess (4)
  46. Henry Holt (4)
  47. Winning Chess for Kids (4)
  48. Tipografika (4)
  49. Silman James Press (4)
  50. Tournament Chess (4)
  51. Schmidt Schach Gmbh (4)
  52. Exzelsior Verlag (4)
  53. Learning Plus (3)
  54. Tui Enterprises (3)
  55. Macmillan London (3)
  56. Pitman Publishing (3)
  57. Chess Australia (3)
  58. Verlag (3)
  59. International Chess Enterprises (3)
  60. Random House (3)
  61. Metropolitan Chess Publishing (3)
  62. H3 Publishing (2)
  63. Players' Press (2)
  64. The Alternative Press (2)
  65. Chequers (2)
  66. Rutledge and Kegan Paul (2)
  67. Summit Publishing (2)
  68. Chess Sutton Coldfield (2)
  69. Wildside Press (2)
  70. R&D Publishing (2)
  71. Prague Chess Agency (1)
  72. Murad Amannazarov (1)
  73. Hennington Publishing (1)
  74. Hachette India (1)
  75. Billing & Sons (1)
  76. SK Mladost Nova Pazova (1)
  77. Москва (1)
  78. Chess Express International (1)
  79. Chess World (1)
  80. New York Open (1)
  81. Raven Publishing (1)
  82. Stanley Paul & Co. (1)
  83. Wydawnictwo Szachowe (1)
  84. Stein and Day (1)
  85. The Chess Drum (1)
  86. Hamlyn (1)
  87. Convekta (1)
  88. Ariva Publishing (1)
  89. Wilshire Book Company (1)
  90. U.S. Chess Center (1)
  91. Harrie Grondijs (1)
  92. Ukrania (1)
  93. The Crowood Press (1)
  94. Harper Collins (1)
  95. Black Dog & Leventhal (1)
  96. Made for Success Publishing (1)
  97. Chess University (1)
  98. Le Pion Passe Editions (1)
  99. The Macmillan Chess Library (1)
  100. Maxwell Macmillan Chess (1)
  101. Facts on File (1)
  102. Barris & Jenkins (1)
  103. Australian Chess Enterprises (1)
  104. G. Bell & Sons (1)
  105. German Publishing Co. (1)
  106. Ugla (1)
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  1. AN - Algebraic (6)
  2. FAN - Figurine (2)
  1. Carsten Hansen (7)
  2. David Goodman (1)
  3. Peter Heine Nielsen (1)
  4. Raymond Keene (1)
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    PRE-ORDER - The Carlsen Variation
    A New Anti-Sicilian to Rattle Your Opponents
    Catalog Code: B0020CH

    The Sicilian Defense (1.e4 c5) contains countless variations and sub-variations that have been discussed in detail at all levels of play for many years. Even "small" specialized systems have been covered in exhaustive detail in book after book. That is why this book is unique, The Carlsen Variation, which arises after 1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Qxd4, has never previously been covered in detail before.

    PRE-ORDER - The Carlsen Variation

    Daily Chess Training - Chess Tactics - Vol. 3
    Sharpen your tactical ability daily on your way to mastery
    Catalog Code: B0019CH

    In this book, you will be challenged 404 times but unlike most tactics puzzle books you don't know what your objective is. Your one advantage over the players in the respective positions is that you know that there is supposed to be something in there for you to find. Working through the puzzles and then carefully play through the thoroughly annotated solutions will help you to up your tactical radar as well as your calculation skills.

    Daily Chess Training - Chess Tactics - Vol. 3

    Daily Chess Training - Chess Tactics For Improvers - Vol. 1
    Improve your tactical radar to step up your game
    Catalog Code: B0018CH

    Working through the puzzles and then carefully play through the thoroughly annotated solutions will help you to up your tactical radar as well as your calculation skills. So if you are up for the challenge, here is the opportunity to prepare for the next leap forward.

    Daily Chess Training - Chess Tactics For Improvers - Vol. 1

    Daily Chess Training - Chess Tactics - Vol. 2
    Catalog Code: B0017CH

    In the present book, you will be challenged 404 times but unlike most tactics puzzle books you don't know what your objective is: do I need to find a mate, find an opportunity skewer or pin a piece, use a tactical turn to gain a positional advantage and how far do I need to calculate?These questions are you are faced with when you play your own games and therefore this book tries to replicate this position.

    Daily Chess Training - Chess Tactics - Vol. 2

    The Sicilian Accelerated Dragon
    20th Anniversary Edition
    Catalog Code: B0015CH

    The 20th Anniversary Edition and international bestseller! In 1998, the authors set out to demonstrate the viability of the Accelerated Dragon as a weapon for Black, not fearing the Maroczy Bind or any other set-up White can come up with. This book contains all the original material of the first edition with some additional main games as well a couple of entirely new segments.

    The Sicilian Accelerated Dragon

    Daily Chess Training: Chess Tactics - Volume 1
    Sharpen Your Tactical Ability Daily on Your Way to Mastery
    Catalog Code: B0016CH

    An essential part of improving at chess is tactics. Tactics occur at every level of chess but once the players become stronger the elements involved in spotting the puzzles tend to become more complex and deeper, whereas, among weaker players, elementary skewers, forks, and deadly pins are more frequent visitors. In this volume, you will find 404 tactical puzzles at all levels of difficulty, from mundane to industrial strength. Each puzzle features an indication of the level of difficulty, as well as a hint for those who need it

    Daily Chess Training: Chess Tactics - Volume 1

    Specialized Chess Opening Tactics
    A Focused Approach To Studying Chess Openings - Budapest and Fajarowicz Gambit
    Catalog Code: B0014CH

    This new series, by acclaimed author Carsten Hansen, seeks to remedy this problem by presenting tactical puzzles and positions that specifically arise from your favorite openings. You will face hundreds of tactical positions, not only combinations but positions with tactical elements for you to solve and familiarize yourself with. This will help you be extra tactically alert when you are playing your games with this opening.

    Specialized Chess Opening Tactics

    CLEARANCE - Man vs. Machine
    Kasparov versus Deep Blue
    Catalog Code: CB0277RB

    This book tells the full story of this historic encounter, from the personalities, hype and controversies to the debates over computer intelligence and the future of chess. Every game is analyzed in detail and the earlier 1989 and 1996 matches between the two contestants are reviewed.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - Man vs. Machine

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price $10.00

    CLEARANCE - American Chess Journal
    Catalog Code: CB0287RB

    The Polgar Sisters, the New Oxford Companion to Chess, and other books reviewed.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - American Chess Journal

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price $10.00

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Chess Books

Choose from a huge selection of chess books, including a wide variety of topics, players and strategies from The House of Staunton. There is a chess book for nearly every chess move or chess defense you can think of. Looking for a chess book talking about a specific chess player? Browse the many different miscellaneous chess books available. Need to strengthen your opening game? Middle game? Or maybe your end game is lacking. There are chess books covering all of these topics and much more. The purpose of a majority of the chess books available is to serve as guides for beginners and advanced chess players alike, and to address different tactics and strategies to help improve your game. There are also biographical chess books that talk about specific Chess Players such as Magnus Carlsen or Vishwanthan Anand if you are interested in reading about a chess player and their life.

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