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    Pachman's Modern Chess Strategy
    Catalog Code: B0233IS

    Modern Chess Strategy by the well-known Czech Grandmaster and theorist Ludek Pachman, is widely recognized on the continent of Europe as the standard work on the middle-game.

    Pachman's Modern Chess Strategy

    Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 3
    Play on the Wings
    Catalog Code: B0147IS

    In each of these books the need for understanding is emphasized: there are too many variations for any memory to store. The player must understand the basic principles involved and the typical positions or maneuvers that can arise.

    Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 3

    Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 2
    Principles of Pawn Play and the Center
    Catalog Code: B0139IS

    Publisher: ISHI Press Author: Ludek PachmanYear of Publication: 2012 (Reprint) Pages: 185Notation Type: Descriptive (DN) Book Description Continuing his major work on strategy and tactics in modern chess, the internationalyl renowned Grandmaster, Ludek Pachman, now turns his attention to the play of the pawns and the achievement of control of the center squares. Though the pawns are the weakest pieces in chess, their importance in determining the character of the attack (and defense) and the development of strategic play cannot be underestimated. Pawns are essential to the protection of important squares and pieces. They are the best means of blockading enemy pawns and when correctly deployed, their advance can open vital files and diagonals, thereby creating weaknesses in the opposite position. Despite its limited power, the pawn has one special advantage over other pieces in that it can be promoted when it reaches the eighth rank; a successful pawn advance can completely change the balance of power and the outcome of a game. Pawns have aptly been described as ''the soul of chess.'' Vital of chess mastery is a basic understanding of the importance of control of the center squares. The effectiveness of the pieces depend upon the strength of their position and center control creates a vital sapatial superiority. The effective play of the pawns and center control have been touched upon on other works, but seldom with the insight and lucidity revealed in this second volume of Pachman's masterwork.

    Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 2

    Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 1
    Planning the Pieces
    Catalog Code: B0136IS

    The First volume of Ludek Pachman's great trilogy Complete Chess Strategy which first appeared in Czechoslovak and German. Planning the Pieces deals with the long term planning, handling and positioning of the individual chess pieces.

    Complete Chess Strategy - VOLUME 1

    Modern Chess Strategy
    Catalog Code: B0013DV

    Modern classic offers thorough, systematic analysis of the use of the queen, active king, exchanges, seven different uses of pawns, minority attack, dynamic elements, much more. Analyses of 129 great games featuring Capablanca, Alekhine, Lasker, Botvinnik, Reshevsky, Bronstein, Smyslov, Spassky, other masters. Indexes of games and openings. 298 diagrams.
    Clearance - Save up to 80%

    Modern Chess Strategy


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