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    2000 Chess Exercises - 4 Books
    Catalog Code: B0024RCH

    These are the best chess books for children in our country today!

    2000 Chess Exercises - 4 Books

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Mate in 1 Move
    Sing when you catch the King
    Catalog Code: B0005DG

    Mate in 1 Move has 182 varied tasks and can be beneficial for both beginners to learn the mating patterns and for a bit more experienced players to train the immediate recognition of these patterns.

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Mate in 1 Move

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Decoy
    The art of deflection
    Catalog Code: B0010DG

    “Decoy" has 177 tasks dealing with the deflection motif. You can deflect a piece that is defending the king or you may deflect a piece to win material. The piece being deflected will become overloaded, with too many tasks to deal with. Other topics of the workbook are devoted to leading the opponent’s king or his important piece to a position they would prefer to avoid, and where they become vulnerable to another tactical blow.

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Decoy

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Pin
    Tie your opponent up in knots
    Catalog Code: B0008DG

    “Pin” includes 181 tasks that present this important tactical tool. There are loads of nice and instructive examples, the majority of them quite challenging, as practical chess is. You will get to learn and practice absolute and relative pins, as well as cross-pinning and unpinning motifs.

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Pin

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Mate in 2 Moves
    An attack on the King is the best thing
    Catalog Code: B0006DG

    “Mate in 2 Moves” has many nice tasks were you will checkmate in 2 moves. There are 177 exercises sorted by topics and key role pieces. Great training for up and coming players as it is considered highly beneficial to practice tactics as much as possible. The faster you can get through it the better.

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Mate in 2 Moves

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Combinations
    Think the most, your opponent will be toast
    Catalog Code: B0011DG

    Combinations in chess are about playing a series of surprising moves with a bigger goal in mind. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to combinations, but most typical ones are grouped into main categories in the workbook “Combinations”. You will get to learn and practice blocking, bank-rank mate, clearance, removing the defender and interference.

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Combinations

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Ambush
    Strike back with a discovered attack
    Catalog Code: B0009DG

    “Ambush” is a workbook devoted to training discovered attacks. You will find pretty varied and elegant examples of this effective tactical tool, including the double check. The chapter “Loading the Cannon” is a nice addition to the material, showing the positions in which the discovered attack is being prepared. The topic “Windmill” is also an extra and a natural delicatessen of this workbook. Some of the tasks are quite challenging.

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Ambush

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Fork
    Time to saddle your horse
    Catalog Code: B0007DG

    Fork has 181 tasks where white or black wins with the help of double attack, and in most cases a combination of 2 or 3 moves. You often win in chess by threatening more than your opponent can protect, and it applies both to material and checkmate.

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Fork

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Studies
    Show me some skill to finish the kill
    Catalog Code: B0012DG

    To solve endgame studies is a challenging task, something for grandmasters and other very strong players. But this is a rewarding work to try yourself at, before checking the answers, which develops the players visual abilities. Luckily, some of the studies are presented not from the starting position, but after some moves in the “Studies” workbook, so the chances go up.

    Tactics - Tricks of the Tribes - Studies

    CLEARANCE - Winning Moves 2
    Catalog Code: CB0194RB

    Players of all standards will find this book an enjoyable way to develop their tactical vision. Full solutions and a self-rating system will enable you to keep track of your progress, and to compare your results with those of chess-playing friends.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - Winning Moves 2

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price $10.00

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