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    CLEARANCE - The Sicilian Dragon
    The Classic How-to-Win Guide on One of the Most Exciting and Powerful Chess Openings Played Today
    Catalog Code: B0052CZ

    Play the Exciting Dragon! Inside this book are the secrets of one of the most exciting and powerful openings in all of chess - the Sicilian Dragon! Used by amateurs and champons alike, the dragon features brilliant combinations, no-holds-barred assasults, wild sacrifices, and uncompromising positions. This new edition features bigger diagrams, the latest moves and developements, and 30 new game examples.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - The Sicilian Dragon

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price $10.00

    51 Chess Openings for Beginners
    What the Chess Openings Look Like
    Catalog Code: B0027CZ

    Chess openings are the most important part of every novice's journey and the most fun. The most common and important openings are presented in an easy-to-use format with large, frequent diagrams showing every position along with clear explanations of the goals, objectives, and concepts behind the moves.

    51 Chess Openings for Beginners

    Winning Chess Openings
    Learn 25 Essential Opening Strategies Today!
    Catalog Code: B0024CZ

    This popular book has taught tens of thousands of beginning players the key concepts of the opening, the most crucial part of every chess game. You'll learn the best opening moves from both Black's and White's perspectives. More than twenty-five essential openings are shown: King's Gambit, Center Game, Scotch Game, Giucco Piano, Vienna Game, Bishop's Opening, Ruy Lopez, French, Caro-Kann, Sicilian, Alekhine, Pirc, Modern, Queen's Gambit, Nimzo-Indian, Queen's Indian, Dutch, King's Indian, Benoni, English, Bird's, Reti's, and King's Indian Attack.

    Winning Chess Openings


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Chess Opening Books

The first phase of a chess game is known as the Chess Opening. It is during this phase of the chess game that the initial moves are made. Similarly, those moves are commonly referred to in the chess world as the “Chess Opening”. While there are literally billions of possible positions after the first 4 moves have been made in a game of chess (288 billion to be exact), only a small number of these chess openings have been studied by chess professionals and chess computers and deemed to be sound for practical play.

To help differentiate one chess opening from another, each chess opening is given a unique name to identify it. While it is common for a chess opening to be named after the player/s that introduced them to popular play, including the Benko Gambit (after Grandmaster Pal Benko), the Sicilian Najdorf (named after Grandmaster Miguel Najdorf) and the Philidor Defense (named after Francois-Andre Danican Philidor), this is not always the case Some chess openings are named after the locations and/or cultures in which they originated, including the London System, the French Defense, the Sicilian Defense, The English Opening and the Vienna Game. While others are named after the pieces that are moved during that opening, including the Queen’s Pawn Gambit and the King’s Indian Defense.

There are 6 basic objectives during the chess opening. They are Piece Development, Control of the Center of the Board, King Safety, Prevention of Pawn Weakness, Piece Coordination and to Create positions in which the player is more comfortable than the opponent.

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