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  1. A. C. Dempsey (3)
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  3. Arpad E. Elo (2)
  4. Bobby Fischer (2)
  5. Brad Darrach (2)
  6. Branislav Suhartovic (1)
  7. Brian Sutton-Smith (1)
  8. Brin-Jonathan Butler (1)
  9. Coach Jay Stallings (1)
  10. Dave Schloss (2)
  11. David Bronstein (1)
  12. David Levy (1)
  13. David Llada (1)
  14. David Wolfe (1)
  15. Dirk Geuzendam (2)
  16. Dominic Lawson (1)
  17. Don Schultz (1)
  18. Donald M. Liddell (1)
  19. Donald Trelford (1)
  20. Donn Mosenfelder (1)
  21. Edgar Kaplan (1)
  22. Elliot Morton Avedon (1)
  23. Elliott Neff (1)
  24. Ely Culbertson (1)
  25. Emanuel Lasker (1)
  26. Eva Regina Magacs (1)
  27. Frances Keyes (1)
  28. Fred Reinfeld (1)
  29. Genna Sosonko (3)
  30. George L. Smolyan (1)
  31. Gino Di Felice (1)
  32. Goro Sakata (1)
  33. Guthrie McClain (1)
  34. Harold Thorne (1)
  35. Herbert O. Yardley (1)
  36. Irving Chernev. (1)
  37. Jesse Kraii (1)
  38. Joseph Petrus Wergin (1)
  39. Ken Uston (3)
  40. Kenneth M. Grover (1)
  41. Kenneth Matthews (1)
  42. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (1)
  43. Lawrence Revere (1)
  44. Leonard Barden (1)
  45. Leonard Morgan (1)
  46. Louis Watson (1)
  47. Ludek Pachman (1)
  48. Michael Negele (1)
  49. Mike Henebry (1)
  50. Olga Dolzhykova (4)
  51. P.C. Wason (1)
  52. Peter Zhdanov (1)
  53. Reuben Fine (1)
  54. Richard Tarravechia (1)
  55. Robert E. Burger (1)
  56. Roy Hoppe (1)
  57. Russell Chauvenet (1)
  58. Sakata Eio (2)
  59. Sally Landau (1)
  60. Sam Loyd (1)
  61. Sam Sloan (5)
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  63. Stewart Culin (1)
  64. Stuart Marquilies (1)
  65. Thomas Wiswell (1)
  66. Tim Just (5)
  67. Timofey Galinsky (4)
  68. Tony Sullivan (1)
  69. Valentin Kirillov (1)
  70. Walter Tevis (1)
  71. Wiliam Caxton (1)
  72. William B. Dick (1)
  73. William Kent Smith (1)
  74. William Roland Hartston (1)
  75. Yuri Averbakh (1)
  76. Zoran Bojovic (1)
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    Pai Gow for Beginners
    Catalog Code: B0344IS

    Pai Gow is the biggest gambling game in the world. It is a game played with dice and with 32 Chinese dominoes. Although it is an ancient game, its popularity has greatly increased in recent years and it is now featured in almost every major gambling casino in the world.

    Pai Gow for Beginners

    Virginia Chess Federation Publications from 1946 to 1965
    Catalog Code: B0141IS

    This book reprints 35 issues of Virginia chess publications from 1946 to 1965 plus one issue of the Carolina Gambit from 1960. Most notable is the Virginia Chess News Roundup, published quarterly from 1954 to 1959, edited by Leonard Morgan.

    Virginia Chess Federation Publications from 1946 to 1965

    Go Made Easy
    Catalog Code: B0060IS

    Go is the easiest game in the world to learn, but the hardest game in the world to master. This book is intended for beginners but it provides the basic strategies used by the most advanced, top level professional players. Get through this book from beginning to end, and you will be on your way to Meijin.

    Go Made Easy

    Catalog Code: B0003IS

    The author begins with the evolution of the chessmen and traces their evolution as the game spread throughout the known World. A short introduction to chessmen from the earliest times is followed by chapters on the impact of Geography, Religion and politics on the design of the chessmen. In these pages, the reader will find fascinating photographs and sketches of the earliest known chessmen.


    Chinese Chess for Beginners
    Catalog Code: B0001IS

    When you think of chess, you probably think of the strategy game played throughout Europe and the Americas. There is another kind of chess played throughout the world by probably more people than any other strategy game. That game is Chinese Chess. The ''Elephant Game'' as it is called by the Chinese, dates back more than 2000 years.

    Chinese Chess for Beginners


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Chess Books

Choose from a huge selection of chess books, including a wide variety of topics, players and strategies from The House of Staunton. There is a chess book for nearly every chess move or chess defense you can think of. Looking for a chess book talking about a specific chess player? Browse the many different miscellaneous chess books available. Need to strengthen your opening game? Middle game? Or maybe your end game is lacking. There are chess books covering all of these topics and much more. The purpose of a majority of the chess books available is to serve as guides for beginners and advanced chess players alike, and to address different tactics and strategies to help improve your game. There are also biographical chess books that talk about specific Chess Players such as Magnus Carlsen or Vishwanthan Anand if you are interested in reading about a chess player and their life.

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