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  1. Ishi Press (10)
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  1. A. J. Gillam (1)
  2. A. J. Miles (1)
  3. A.A. Troitzky (1)
  4. Adriaan D. De Groot (1)
  5. Alan S. Russell (1)
  6. Alexander Alekhine (4)
  7. Alexander Kotov (2)
  8. Alexander Liepnieks (2)
  9. Alexey Bezgodov (1)
  10. Allen Russell (1)
  11. Andre Philidor (1)
  12. Arnold Denker (1)
  13. Arthur M. Stevens (1)
  14. Assiac (1)
  15. Bent Larsen (1)
  16. Bobby Fischer (3)
  17. Bozidar M. Kazic (1)
  18. Brian Harley (1)
  19. Bruce Hayden (1)
  20. Burt Hochberg (1)
  21. C J S Purdy (1)
  22. Carolyn Withgitt (4)
  23. Chess Digest (1)
  24. Claude Bloodgood (1)
  25. Comins Mansfield (1)
  26. Dan McDaniel (1)
  27. Daniel A Yanofsky (1)
  28. David Bronstein (3)
  29. David Daniels (2)
  30. David Hooper (1)
  31. David Levy (10)
  32. Dr. Max Euwe (1)
  33. Edward Lasker (3)
  34. Elwin C. Meyers (2)
  35. Emanuel Lasker (3)
  36. Eric Schiller (1)
  37. Eugene Znosko-Borovsky (1)
  38. Francis J. Wellmuth (1)
  39. Fred Reinfeld (16)
  40. George Koltanowski (3)
  41. H. Golombek (1)
  42. H. J. R. Murray (1)
  43. H. Kramer (1)
  44. Haije Kramer (1)
  45. Hans Kmoch (1)
  46. Harry Golombek (5)
  47. Howard Staunton (4)
  48. I.A. Horowitz (8)
  49. Igor Zakharovich Bondarevsky (1)
  50. Ilya Maizelis (2)
  51. Imre Konig (1)
  52. Irving Chernev (5)
  53. Isaac Kashdan (2)
  54. Ivo Nei (1)
  55. J.F.S. Rumble (1)
  56. James Eade (1)
  57. James Minchin (1)
  58. James Schroeder (1)
  59. John H. Larkins (2)
  60. Jose Raul Capablanca (5)
  61. Kelly Lawless (2)
  62. Kenneth Harkness (2)
  63. Kerry Lawless (12)
  64. Kerry Lawless (2)
  65. Kevin J. O'Connell (1)
  66. Kevin O'Connell (2)
  67. L. M. Pickett (1)
  68. Larry Evans (3)
  69. Larry Parr (1)
  70. Ludek Pachman (5)
  71. M. Blaine (1)
  72. Martin E. Morrison (2)
  73. Max Euwe (9)
  74. Michail Tal (1)
  75. Mikhail Botvinnik (3)
  76. Mikhail Yudovich (1)
  77. Milton Finklestein (2)
  78. Milton Hanauer (1)
  79. O'Kelly De Galway (1)
  80. Paul Keres (5)
  81. Paul Langfield (1)
  82. Peter Yu (4)
  83. R. N. Coles (3)
  84. R.C. Griffith (2)
  85. R.D Keene (1)
  86. R.F. Green (1)
  87. R.G. Wade (2)
  88. Raymond Keene (2)
  89. Reuben Fine (12)
  90. Richard E. Fauber (2)
  91. Richard Keene (1)
  92. Richard Reti (2)
  93. Richard Roberts (1)
  94. Robert Byrne (1)
  95. Robert E. Burger (1)
  96. Robert G. Wade (3)
  97. Romona W Gordon (1)
  98. Rudolf Spielmann (1)
  99. Rudolf Techner (1)
  100. Sam Sloan (1)
  101. Samuel Reshevsky (4)
  102. Samuel Reshevsky (4)
  103. Sidney Norman Bernstein (1)
  104. Svetozar Gligoric (3)
  105. T.D. Harding (1)
  106. Tigran Petrosian (1)
  107. Vik Vasiliev (1)
  108. Vladimir Vukovic (1)
  109. Walter Korn (1)
  110. Walter Meiden (1)
  111. Weaver Adams (1)
  112. William Ewart Napier (2)
  113. William Lombardy (3)
  114. William Steinitz (1)
  115. William Winter (1)
  116. William Winter & R. G. Wade (1)
  117. Yuri Averbach (1)
  118. Yuri Averbakh (4)
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    U.S.Championship Chess
    A History of the Highest American Chess Title, With the 1973 Matches Annotated
    Catalog Code: B0321IS

    US Championship Chess is unique in the presentation, combining history with history-in-the-making for a new and pleasurable experience in chess study. Part I is a history of the U. S. Chess championship by David Daniels; Part II consists of the complete games of the 1973 tournament, annotated by William Lombardy.

    U.S.Championship Chess

    Modern Chess Opening Traps
    Catalog Code: B0324IS

    This is a collection of opening traps by Grandmaster William Lombardy. The traps are great and cover every opening system. They need to be studied.

    Modern Chess Opening Traps

    Chess Panorama
    An Invitation Into the Hallowed Halls of the Chess Masters
    Catalog Code: B0316IS

    Here are the colorful personalities, the scandals and the great blunders of the champions that make up the chess panorama. Light in tone sometimes humorous and always entertaining these stories illustrated with game diagrams offer a marvelous introduction to the world of chess.

    Chess Panorama

    Howard Staunton - 1810-74
    Catalog Code: B0072IS

    Howard Staunton, chess champion, writer and Shakespearean scholar was a figure of controversy in nineteenth century chess circles: He is remembered chiefly as the man who avoided playing Morphy and as the author of numerous vitriolic articles. It is on his chess writings that this book concentrates.

    Howard Staunton - 1810-74

    How To Play the Sicilian Defense
    Catalog Code: B0038IS

    This book explains the ideas behind the Sicilian Defense and gives the reader many useful rules of thumb as a guide to playing all the standard types of positions that arise in the Sicilian. Any player who reads and understands the ideas explained in this book will be assured of scoring many more points in Sicilian Defense games.

    How To Play the Sicilian Defense

    The Chess Sacrifice
    Catalog Code: B0037IS

    Vladimir Vukovic (26 August 1898, Zagreb – 18 November 1975, Zagreb) was a Croatian chess writer, theoretician, player, arbiter, and journalist. He was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1951 and International Arbiter (IA) in 1952.He played for Yugoslavia on second board in the 1st Chess Olympiad at London 1927, posting a record of +7?6=2.

    The Chess Sacrifice

    How to Play the King's Indian Defence
    Catalog Code: B0039IS

    This follow-up to the successful chess book How to Play the Sicilian Defence, by the same authors, explains the basic principles of the King's Indian without involving the reader in reams of analysis. Many useful rules and guidelines are given, enabling the reader to understand the ideas behind the opening and the standard types of position which arise.

    How to Play the King's Indian Defence

    Sacrifices in the Sicilian
    Catalog Code: B0070IS

    The Sicilian Defense is the most exciting of all chess openings and the most popular at all levels of play. The attacking and tactical possibilities of the Sicilian are numerous. There are many sacrificial ideas that occur time and again in the Sicilian, and it is the task of this book to clarify and analyze them

    Sacrifices in the Sicilian

    How Fischer Plays Chess
    Catalog Code: B0040IS

    A study and analysis of the games of Bobby Fischer, the greatest chess player the world has ever known.

    How Fischer Plays Chess

    Computer Games I
    Catalog Code: B0067IS

    Computer Games I is the first volume in a two-part compendium of papers covering the most important material available on the development of computer strategy games. These selections range from discussions of mathematical analysis of games, to more qualitative concerns of whether a computer game should follow human thought processes rather than a ''brute force'' approach, to papers which will benefit readers trying to program their own games.

    Computer Games I

    CLEARANCE - Howard Staunton
    Catalog Code: CB0080RB

    Howard Staunton, chess champion, writer and Shakesperean scholar was a figure of controversy in nineteenth century chess circles. He is remembered chiefly as the man who avoided playing Morphy and as the author of numerous vitriolic articles. It is on his chess writings that this book concentrates.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - Howard Staunton

    CLEARANCE - Sicilian Accelerated Dragons
    Catalog Code: CB0122RB

    The Sicilian Accelerated Dragon is based on the very modern, razor sharp, counterattacking variations and games that arise in the Sicilian Defense after the moves 1 P-K4 P-QB4 2 N-KB3 N-QB3 3 P-Q4 P X P 4 N X P by the fianchetto development of Black's King's Bishop, 4 ... P-KN3 followed by B-N2.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - Sicilian Accelerated Dragons

    CLEARANCE - The Sicilian Dragon
    Catalog Code: CB0132RB

    This new edition has been thoroughly updated. The Dragon remains very popular and there was so much new material to be included that the book has expanded by a quarter.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - The Sicilian Dragon

    Karpov's Collected Games
    All 530 Available Encounters: 1961-1974
    Catalog Code: CB0378RB

    Karpov's Collected Games, All 530 Available Encounters: 1961-1974

    Karpov's Collected Games


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