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  1. Ishi Press (7)
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  1. DN - Descriptive (7)
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  4. FAN - Figurine (1)
  1. A. J. Gillam (1)
  2. A.A. Troitzky (1)
  3. Adriaan D. De Groot (1)
  4. Alan S. Russell (1)
  5. Alexander Alekhine (4)
  6. Alexander Koblentz (1)
  7. Alexander Kotov (3)
  8. Alexander Liepnieks (2)
  9. Alexey Bezgodov (1)
  10. Allen Russell (1)
  11. Andre Philidor (1)
  12. Arnold Denker (1)
  13. Arthur M. Stevens (1)
  14. Assiac (1)
  15. B. Voronkov (1)
  16. Bent Larsen (1)
  17. Bobby Fischer (3)
  18. Bozidar M. Kazic (1)
  19. Brian Harley (1)
  20. Bruce Hayden (1)
  21. Burt Hochberg (1)
  22. C J S Purdy (1)
  23. C. D. Locock (1)
  24. Caissa (1)
  25. Carolyn Withgitt (4)
  26. Chess Digest (1)
  27. Claude Bloodgood (1)
  28. Comins Mansfield (1)
  29. Dan McDaniel (1)
  30. Daniel A Yanofsky (1)
  31. David Bronstein (3)
  32. David Daniels (2)
  33. David Hooper (1)
  34. David Levy (10)
  35. David Mitchell (1)
  36. Dr. Max Euwe (1)
  37. Drazen Marovic (1)
  38. Edward Lasker (5)
  39. Elwin C. Meyers (2)
  40. Emanuel Lasker (2)
  41. Eric Schiller (1)
  42. Eugene Znosko-Borovsky (1)
  43. Francis J. Wellmuth (1)
  44. Frank Mitchell (1)
  45. Fred Reinfeld (15)
  46. George Koltanowski (3)
  47. H. Golombek (1)
  48. H. J. R. Murray (1)
  49. H. Kramer (1)
  50. Haije Kramer (1)
  51. Hans Kmoch (1)
  52. Harry Golombek (5)
  53. Howard Staunton (3)
  54. I. Susic (1)
  55. I.A. Horowitz (8)
  56. Ilya Maizelis (2)
  57. Imre Konig (1)
  58. Irving Chernev (5)
  59. Isaac Kashdan (2)
  60. Ivo Nei (1)
  61. J.F.S. Rumble (1)
  62. James Eade (1)
  63. James Minchin (1)
  64. James Schroeder (1)
  65. John H. Larkins (2)
  66. John W. Collins (1)
  67. Jose Raul Capablanca (7)
  68. Kelly Lawless (2)
  69. Ken Smith (1)
  70. Kenneth Harkness (2)
  71. Kerry Lawless (2)
  72. Kerry Lawless (12)
  73. Kevin J. O'Connell (1)
  74. Kevin O'Connell (2)
  75. L. M. Pickett (1)
  76. Larry Evans (3)
  77. Larry Parr (1)
  78. Leonard Barden (1)
  79. Ludek Pachman (5)
  80. M. Blaine (1)
  81. Martin E. Morrison (2)
  82. Max Euwe (9)
  83. Michail Tal (1)
  84. Mikhail Botvinnik (3)
  85. Mikhail Yudovich (1)
  86. Milton Finklestein (2)
  87. Milton Hanauer (1)
  88. O'Kelly De Galway (1)
  89. Owen Hindle (1)
  90. P.W. Sergeant (1)
  91. Paul Keres (5)
  92. Peter Yu (4)
  93. R. N. Coles (3)
  94. R.C. Griffith (3)
  95. R.D Keene (1)
  96. R.F. Green (1)
  97. R.G. Wade (2)
  98. Raymond Keene (3)
  99. Reuben Fine (13)
  100. Richard E. Fauber (2)
  101. Richard Keene (1)
  102. Richard Reti (2)
  103. Richard Roberts (1)
  104. Robert Byrne (1)
  105. Robert E. Burger (1)
  106. Robert G. Wade (4)
  107. Romona W Gordon (1)
  108. Rudolf Spielmann (1)
  109. Sam Sloan (1)
  110. Samuel Reshevsky (3)
  111. Samuel Reshevsky (4)
  112. Sidney Norman Bernstein (1)
  113. Svetozar Gligoric (4)
  114. T.D. Harding (1)
  115. Tigran Petrosian (1)
  116. Vik Vasiliev (1)
  117. Vladimir Vukovic (1)
  118. W. Melville Mitchell (1)
  119. W. Ritson-Morry (1)
  120. Walter Korn (1)
  121. Walter Meiden (1)
  122. Warren Goldman (1)
  123. Weaver Adams (1)
  124. William Ewart Napier (2)
  125. William Lombardy (3)
  126. William Steinitz (1)
  127. William Winter (1)
  128. William Winter & R. G. Wade (1)
  129. Yuri Averbach (1)
  130. Yuri Averbakh (4)
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    Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games - RUSSIAN EDITION
    With Introductions to the Games by International Grandmaster Larry Evans
    Catalog Code: B0282IS

    This is the infamous translation into Russian of the famous work by Bobby Fischer “My 60 Memorable Games”. This translation is famous because it was denounced vehemently by Bobby Fischer in his radio broadcasts because this translation was not authorized by him. However, he even more vehemently objected to the revision by the English publisher Batsford, as he had not given them permission to reprint his work even though they had a contractual right to reprint his work by virtue of an agreement they had with the original publisher, Simon and Schuster. To make matters much worse, the Batsford edition translated all the moves from Descriptive Notation as in P-K4 into Algebraic Notation as in e4. Batsford hired English Grandmaster Nunn to go through the book and correct any mistakes in Fischer's analysis. Unfortunately, in the course of “correcting” Fischer's “mistakes”, the English grandmaster made mistakes of his own, because one “correction” required an illegal move, as the piece was pinned, as otherwise the king would have been in check. So, in reality the correction was wrong and the original note by Fischer was correct.

    Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games - RUSSIAN EDITION

    Chess The Hard Way
    Catalog Code: B0258IS

    'Chess the Hard Way'' is the autobiography of Daniel Abraham Yanofsky, who was not only Canada's first chess grandmaster buit was Canada's only grandmaster until the modern era. His career is remarkable. He was from a remote Indian town in Central Canada where there were no chess masters. Almost invariably, strong chess players only develop in places where there are strong players.

    Chess The Hard Way

    The California Chess Reporter - VOLUME 9
    July-August 1974 to May-June 1976
    Catalog Code: B0220IS

    This is the last volume of California Chess Reporter and it contains the last issue of this publication, May-June 1976 issue. The last issue explains the reason why the publication was closing down. At the 1976 Delegates meeting of the US Chess Federation, a motion had been made to split the state of California in two for chess purposes. This had passed without significant debate or opposition. Similar motions had often been made at meetings of the California State Chess Federation and had repeatedly been voted down. The USCF Delegates seemingly knew nothing about this; it seems that nobody from Northern California was on-hand to explain the consequences of their proposed action

    The California Chess Reporter - VOLUME 9

    The California Chess Reporter - VOLUME 8
    July-August 1971 to May-June 1974
    Catalog Code: B0219IS

    In 1971-1974, there was a great increase in chess activity world wide because of the 1972 Fischer Spassky Match in Iceland. In California, there was the emergence of talented new players and the departures of some old ones. Louis D. Statham (1907–1983) established his famous series of tournaments in Lone Pine, California. Every year it got stronger as grandmasters throughout the world came in increasing numbers and the cash prizes got bigger. It eventually became annually the strongest Swiss System tournament in the world. First winner was Larry Evans who moved to nearby Reno, Nevada.

    The California Chess Reporter - VOLUME 8

    My 60 Memorable Games
    Descriptive Edition
    Catalog Code: B0013IS

    This is an exact reproduction of the original 1969 classic work, My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer. Unfortunately, there have been many efforts by other authors and contributors to ''improve'' on Fischer's work by converting the text into algebraic notation and then correcting what they thought were mistakes in analysis. It turned out that what they thought were mistakes by Fischer were mistakes by themselves. Fischer's analysis was correct. Their's was wrong. As a result, Fischer famously went on the radio to denounce those who claimed to have ''improved'' on his work.

    My 60 Memorable Games

    Bobby Fischer's Games of Chess
    The First Collection of Celebrated Tournament Games Played by Bobby Fischer
    Catalog Code: B0032IS

    This is the only book ever written entirely by Bobby Fischer. It is not to be confused with other books with similar names that were written by other authors. Here is the blurb on the original dust jacket, as published in 1959: THERE ARE 34 games in this book.

    Bobby Fischer's Games of Chess

    Collection of Chess Studies by Troitzky
    Catalog Code: B0058IS

    Alexey Alexeyevich Troitzky (1866-1942) is considered to have been the greatest composer of chess endgame studies ever. To call him a genius is to trivialize his accomplishments, because there are many geniuses, but few can equal the output of Troitzky. In his lifetime, Troitzky composed more than one thousand chess endgame studies.

    Collection of Chess Studies by Troitzky


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