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  1. Everyman Chess (4)
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  1. AN - Algebraic (4)
  2. FAN - Figurine (2)
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  1. Alex Raetsky (2)
  2. Alexander Raetsky (1)
  3. Andrew Kinsman (1)
  4. Andrew Martin (1)
  5. Angus Dunnington (1)
  6. August Livshitz (1)
  7. Boris Gulko (4)
  8. Byron Jacobs (3)
  9. Chris Ward (4)
  10. Colin Crouch (1)
  11. Dan Heisman (1)
  12. Dr. Joel R. Sneed (2)
  13. Edmar Mednis (1)
  14. Endre Vegh (1)
  15. Esben Lund (1)
  16. Garry Kasparov (1)
  17. Glenn Flear (4)
  18. Jacob Aagaard (1)
  19. Joe Gallagher (4)
  20. Joel R. Steed (2)
  21. John Cox (1)
  22. John Emms (4)
  23. Jovanka Houska (1)
  24. Matthew Sadler (1)
  25. Maxim Chetvarik (1)
  26. Maxim Chetverik (1)
  27. Michael de la Maza (1)
  28. Neil McDonald (4)
  29. Nigel Davies (1)
  30. Richard Palliser (2)
  31. Steve Giddins (1)
  32. Tim Taylor (1)
  33. Yasser Seirawan (7)
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    A Complete Guide to Systems Where Black Meets 1 e4 by Supporting a Pawn on d5
    Catalog Code: B0512EM

    Two great books from the Everyman Chess Library, Starting Out: The French by Byron Jacobs and Starting Out: The Caro-Kann by Joe Gallagher, brought together in one volume.

    A Complete Guide to Systems Where Black Meets 1 e4 by Supporting a Pawn on d5

    An Aggressive Counterattacking Repertoire Based on ...g6
    Two Great Books Brought Together in One Volume!
    Catalog Code: B0495EM

    In these razor-sharp encounters, it goes without saying that one slip by either side can prove to be fatal. Because of its aggressive nature, the Sicilian Dragon is very popular at all levels of chess, while it received an ultimate seal of approval when Garry Kasparov used it as his main weapon to beat Vishy Anand in a World Championship match.

    An Aggressive Counterattacking Repertoire Based on ...g6

    A Complete Guide to the Pirc / Modern Complex
    Catalog Code: B0485EM

    Brought together in one volume as part of Everyman Chess's series of compilation books: Starting Out: The Pirc and Starting Out:The Modern. The very closely linked defences are dynamic systems that are favoured by ambitious, counter-attacking players. Black plays very much in a hypermodern fashion, allowing White to build an unopposed pawn centre with the idea of plotting its eventual downfall.

    A Complete Guide to the Pirc / Modern Complex

    E-BOOK - Starting Out - Caro-Kann
    Catalog Code: E-B0043EM

    In this easy-to-read guide, Grandmaster Joe Gallagher goes back to the basics of the Caro-Kann, studying the key principles of its many variations. Throughout the book there is an abundance of notes, tips, warnings and exercises to help the improving player, while important strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated.

    E-BOOK - Starting Out - Caro-Kann


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Chess Books

Choose from a huge selection of chess books, including a wide variety of topics, players and strategies from The House of Staunton. There is a chess book for nearly every chess move or chess defense you can think of. Looking for a chess book talking about a specific chess player? Browse the many different miscellaneous chess books available. Need to strengthen your opening game? Middle game? Or maybe your end game is lacking. There are chess books covering all of these topics and much more. The purpose of a majority of the chess books available is to serve as guides for beginners and advanced chess players alike, and to address different tactics and strategies to help improve your game. There are also biographical chess books that talk about specific Chess Players such as Magnus Carlsen or Vishwanthan Anand if you are interested in reading about a chess player and their life.

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