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    Candidates Tournament 2020 - Part 1 - Yekaterinburg
    A Feast of Chess in Time of Plague
    Catalog Code: B0078TH

    Another ground-breaking work from Vladimir Tukmakov, bringing the story of the Candidates 2020. According to his observations and analysis the players were ready to fight for a place to challenge the World Champion. However no one could have even imagined how difficult the road to that tournament would be nor how unexpected the outcome. Yet the significance of the actual numbers in this dramatic epic is hard to overestimate which is why the author will attempt to play the role of chronicler and try to describe as accurately as possible the key moments of this historic event.

    Candidates Tournament 2020 - Part 1 - Yekaterinburg

    The Royal Chess Couple in Action
    Catalog Code: B0049TH

    The Royal Chess Couple is a combined attempt to introduce the various traits of the most significant piece with the most powerful piece on the chessboard. Following a short historic review of the development and metamorphoses of each piece over time, the reader is offered 240 positions (480 in total) from tournament practice as well as from the magic world of chess composition.

    The Royal Chess Couple in Action

    Kings of the Chessboard
    Catalog Code: B0046TH

    In his well-known and enterprising style, the author takes us through the history of the World Champions of Chess. A most striking and beautiful book full of anecdotes, stories and thrilling games played by the titans of our royal game. It is a book you easily will read repeatedly and surely find that special place on your bookshelf!

    Kings of the Chessboard

    US Chess Championship - 3RD EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0009MF

    This thoroughly updated and revised edition of the highly acclaimed 1986 reference work provides a definitive history of all championship events in the United States through 2011. Both the games and the occasions are covered in depth, including biographical details, descriptive settings, anecdotes, tournament drama, unusual games, and grandmaster analysis.

    US Chess Championship - 3RD EDITION

    Tal Botvinnik 1960
    Catalog Code: B0001RE

    One of the greatest books ever written about a world championship match. Take a trip with the Magician from Riga as he invites you to share his thoughts and feelings as he does battle for the world title.

    Tal Botvinnik 1960

    CLEARANCE - Man v Machine - Kasparov v IBM's Deep Blue
    Catalog Code: CB0234RB

    This book relates the history of a 200-year-old quest. A quest which culminated in the grand chess match between World Champion Garry Kasparov and IBM's Deep Blue.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - Man v Machine - Kasparov v IBM's Deep Blue

    Regular Price: $18.95

    Special Price $10.00

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