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    The Longest Game
    The Five Kasparov - Karpov Matches for the World Chess Championship
    Catalog Code: B0214NIC

    In The Longest Game Jan Timman returns to the Kasparov-Karpov matches. He chronicles the many twists and turns of this fascinating saga, including his behind-the scenes impressions, and takes a fresh look at the games.

    The Longest Game

    The Big Book of World Chess Championships
    46 Title Fights - From Steinitz to Carlsen
    Catalog Code: B0169NIC

    German chess journalist Andre Schulz tells the stories and the history of the World Chess Championship fights in fascinating detail: the historical and social backgrounds, the prize money and the rules, the seconds and other helpers, and the psychological wars on and off the board.
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    The Big Book of World Chess Championships

    Tal Botvinnik 1960
    Catalog Code: B0001RE

    One of the greatest books ever written about a world championship match. Take a trip with the Magician from Riga as he invites you to share his thoughts and feelings as he does battle for the world title.

    Tal Botvinnik 1960


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