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    Carlsen vs. Karjakin - World Chess Championship
    Includes Round-By-Round Analysis by Former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik
    Catalog Code: B0021LV

    Learn chess from the best by studying the games of the latest world championship! The dramatic 2016 match defied all predictions. A top team of authors explains the strategies. The dramatic 2016 World Championship match in New York City stunned the chess world, as Sergey Karjakin fought champ Magnus Carlsen to a tie until matters had to be settled in a rapid-play shootout. You’ll learn chess tactics and strategies from the best players in the world, as a top team of writers―including a former world champion--explains the moves.

    Carlsen vs. Karjakin - World Chess Championship

    US Chess Championship - 3RD EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0009MF

    This thoroughly updated and revised edition of the highly acclaimed 1986 reference work provides a definitive history of all championship events in the United States through 2011. Both the games and the occasions are covered in depth, including biographical details, descriptive settings, anecdotes, tournament drama, unusual games, and grandmaster analysis.

    US Chess Championship - 3RD EDITION

    Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953
    Catalog Code: B0042DV

    All 210 games from the greatest tournament since World War II. Smyslov, Bronstein, Keres, Reshevsky, Petrosian, 10 others; perceptive annotations by Bronstein.

    Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953


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