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    World Chess Championship 2018
    Fabiano Caruana vs. Magnus Carlsen
    Catalog Code: B0010SU

    In this book all the games are analyzed in detail and commented in an entertaining and understandable way. In addition, it also offers a close look at the framework conditions and the events that led to the finale.

    World Chess Championship 2018

    Hastings 1895 Chess Tournament
    Catalog Code: B0029RCH

    This book includes Schallopp’s commentary. Of course, many of E.Schallopp’s evaluations, especially as pertains to the opening, have been disproved by modern theory. Nevertheless, the Russian Chess House left most of his commentary untouched, viewing it as a tribute to the epoch and believing it has great value in terms of chess history.

    Hastings 1895 Chess Tournament

    CLEARANCE - The U.S. Open - St. Paul, 1982
    Catalog Code: CB0315RB

    A colorful account of all the activities, with more than one hundred selected games to illustrate the tide of events leading to the championship. IM John L. Watson has contributed deep notes to fifteen critical games. Photographs help capture the scene of the reader. This year's Open returned to Minnesota, birth place of the U.S. Open in 1900. A complete list of participants, winners, openings and players index complete this record. Algebraic Notation. 83 pages.
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    CLEARANCE - The U.S. Open - St. Paul, 1982

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