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    Chess Competitions 1824-1970
    An Annotated International Bibliography of Books, Bulletins and Programs
    Catalog Code: B0018MV

    Annotated International Bibliography of chess books, chess bulletins and chess programs. This bibliography aims to provide, for the first time and comprehensively, and extensive record of publications on chess competitions held the world over from 1824, the year in which the correspondence match between the Edinburg and London Chess Clubs began, up until 1970.

    Chess Competitions 1824-1970

    CLEARANCE - How to Defeat a Superior Opponent
    Catalog Code: CB0347RB

    In "How to Defeat a Superior Opponent", Grandmaster Edmar Mednis presents the reader with a systematic approach for competing against stronger opponents.
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    CLEARANCE - How to Defeat a Superior Opponent

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