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    Writings in Chess History
    Catalog Code: B0022MV

    The book consists of forty chapters, originally individual essays or reviews written over the past several years by the prominent American chess historian, John S. Hilbert, collected now for the first time. Over 500 chess games are presented, including those by Capablanca, Sellman, Marshall, Buckle, Steinitz, Zukertort and many more, annotated from different historical chess sources, chess magazines, chess columns, chess archives, etc., most long forgotten by lovers of the game.

    Writings in Chess History

    Chess Competitions 1824-1970
    An Annotated International Bibliography of Books, Bulletins and Programs
    Catalog Code: B0018MV

    Annotated International Bibliography of chess books, chess bulletins and chess programs. This bibliography aims to provide, for the first time and comprehensively, and extensive record of publications on chess competitions held the world over from 1824, the year in which the correspondence match between the Edinburg and London Chess Clubs began, up until 1970.

    Chess Competitions 1824-1970

    Capablanca in the United Kingdom - 1911 - 1920
    Capablanca's Chess Career
    Catalog Code: B0002MV

    This is the first of a projected two volume series and describes the four visits made by Capablanca to the UK in 1911, 1913, 1919 and 1920. On each visit Capablanca played simultaneous displays against local enthusiasts. The first two visits were relatively short and exhibitions were confined to London and Birmingham but in 1919, following his triumph at the Hastings Victory Congress, the Cuban went "on tour" and played in 36 displays in English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish cities. In 1920 he played at Bristol and Woolwich as part of a European tour.

    Dr Fiala's research has unearthed 123 of Capablanca's simultaneous games, many never published in book form before, together with descriptions of the events taken from local newspapers of the time. This carefully researched book will be of interest to chess historians.

    Capablanca in the United Kingdom - 1911 - 1920

    CLEARANCE - British Chess Magazine - 1923-1932 - An Anthology
    Classic Reprint No. 22
    Catalog Code: CB0211RB

    British Chess Magazine is the world's oldest chess journal in continuous publication. First published in January 1881, it has appeared at monthly intervals ever since. It is frequently known in the chess world as BCM.
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    CLEARANCE - British Chess Magazine - 1923-1932 - An Anthology

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