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    Chess In Art
    History of Chess in Paintings
    Catalog Code: B0145OB

    Chess in Art is a unique book, which presents the artist's relationship with the game of chess. On 317 pages the author captures 800 years of this relationship influenced by social, political, industrial and technological advancement. The book includes paintings created by more than 700 artists, with a detailed instruction of how artists throughout history have perceived the game of kings.

    Chess In Art

    A Short History of Chess
    With Chapters by B. Goulding Brown and H. Golombek
    Catalog Code: B0297IS

    Among the papers left by the late H. J. R. Murray was the typeset of A Short History of Chess which he wrote in 1917. This was not an abridgment of the standard work he had published some years earlier but a new and original brief history of the game from its beginnings until 1866. It has been brought up to date by Mr. B. Goulding Brown and Mr. Harry Golombek, covering the periods from 1866 to almost the present including the modern World Championships.
    Out of Stock

    A Short History of Chess

    The Great Chess Masters and Their Games
    The Human Side of Chess
    Catalog Code: B0234IS

    Is there any quality common in the world's greatest chess masters, any peculiarity which made them contestants upon that particular parti-coloured board and on no other? Is there, in other words, a chess-mind?

    The Great Chess Masters and Their Games


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