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  1. The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book

    The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book

    This book provides a wealth of puzzle positions to test just about every facet of your tactical skills. The puzzles in this book have been selected by analysing games new and old in search of original puzzle positions. It is very unlikely that even seasoned solvers will recognise many of these positions. Emms, by allying his skills with those of powerful computers, has also made every effort to ensure that the solutions are sound, and that there are no unmentioned alternative solutions. Learn More
  2. EBOOK - Its Your Move

    EBOOK - Its Your Move

    This book provides the reader with a selection of puzzles to solve. However, unlike other books of the White to play and mate in three' variety, it simulates real game scenarios, offering readers a choice of tempting alternatives and requiring them to pick the best Learn More
  3. EBOOK - Queen's Gambit Declined

    EBOOK - Queen's Gambit Declined

    In this book, Grandmaster Sadler explains the ideas behind the Queen's Gambit Declined, one of Black's most dependable replies to the queen's pawn. He discusses all of the major variations in popular practice, explaining the key plans and ideas and highlighting important recent developments. Written by Grandmaster Matthew Sadler, one of the world's top young players, this book offers a full explanation of both the latest theory and important thematic ideas and covers the ever-popular Queen's Gambit Declined. Learn More
  4. Winning Chess Strategy for Kids

    Winning Chess Strategy for Kids

    Winning Chess Strategy for Kids is a fun and comprehensive chess course written for children 7 to 13 years old. Full of original material and entertaining artwork, it's a perfect guide for learning the royal game. Parents and teachers are sure to like it too. Learn More
  5. SHOPWORN - Modern Defence

    SHOPWORN - Modern Defence

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price $9.98

    The Modern Defence leads to sharp and dynamic positions from the very first few moves. Black concedes space in the center with a view to launching a counterattack based on his powerful bishop fianchetto. As leading grandmasters such as Alexei Shirov, Mikhail Gurevich and Jon Speelman himself have shown on numerous occasions, when it works, the Modern Defence is truly a spectacular weapon. This book will show you how to put it to use in your own games. Learn More
  6. EBOOK - Improve Your Opening Play

    EBOOK - Improve Your Opening Play


    Grandmaster Chris Ward explains the important ideas behind every major opening, unravelling among others the secrets of the Sicilian, the mysteries of the Modern and the fundamentals of the French. He emphasizes the need to understand the key elements of each opening rather than simply memorize a series of complicated variations which leave you stranded if the opponent varies from the expected route.

    Learn More

  7. EBOOK - Improve Your Endgame Play

    EBOOK - Improve Your Endgame Play

    In this ideal book for players wishing to improve their endgame play, grandmaster Glenn Flear explains the fundamental principles which must be mastered. Taking examples from his own games and those of other players, he shows how drawn positions can be converted into victories and lost positions saved at the last moment. Learn More
  8. SHOPWORN - Easy Guide to the Nge2 King's Indian

    SHOPWORN - Easy Guide to the Nge2 King's Indian

    Regular Price: $18.95

    Special Price $9.48

    This book guides you through the main themes of the Hungarian Attack and presents you with a well-organized repertoire, which also includes lines against Benoni. The co-author Forintos is the world's leading expert on this opening and this guide contains a complete and potentially deadly system against the King's Indian and has the first thorough coverage of an aggressive system with surprise value.

    Learn More

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