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  38. David Daniels (2)
  39. David Hooper (1)
  40. David Levy (13)
  41. David Mitchell (1)
  42. David Wolfe (1)
  43. Don Schultz (2)
  44. Donald M. Liddell (1)
  45. Donn Mosenfelder (1)
  46. Dr. Max Euwe (1)
  47. E. Ilyin (1)
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  49. Edmar Mednis (2)
  50. Eduard Shekhtman (1)
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  53. Elliot Morton Avedon (1)
  54. Elwin C. Meyers (2)
  55. Ely Culbertson (1)
  56. Emanuel Lasker (2)
  57. Eric Schiller (26)
  58. Eric Schiller (24)
  59. F.M. Eric Schiller (1)
  60. F.M. Malkin (1)
  61. Frances Keyes (1)
  62. Francis J. Wellmuth (1)
  63. Frank Mitchell (1)
  64. Fred Reinfeld (16)
  65. Garry Kasparov (1)
  66. Gedeon Barcza (2)
  67. George Francis Kane (2)
  68. George Koltanowski (3)
  69. George L. Smolyan (1)
  70. Ghenrikh M. Kasparyan (1)
  71. Goro Sakata (1)
  72. Guthrie McClain (1)
  73. H. Golombek (1)
  74. H. J. R. Murray (1)
  75. H. Kramer (1)
  76. Haije Kramer (1)
  77. Hans Kmoch (1)
  78. Harold C. Schonberg (2)
  79. Harold C. Schonberg (1)
  80. Harold Thorne (1)
  81. Harry Golombek (5)
  82. Henry Grob (1)
  83. Herbert O. Yardley (1)
  84. Howard Staunton (2)
  85. I.A. Horowitz (8)
  86. Iakov Damsky (1)
  87. Igor Zakharovich Bondarevsky (1)
  88. Ilya Maizelis (3)
  89. Imre Konig (1)
  90. Irving Chernev (4)
  91. Irving Chernev. (1)
  92. Isaac Kashdan (2)
  93. Ivo Nei (1)
  94. J.F.S. Rumble (1)
  95. James Eade (1)
  96. James Minchin (1)
  97. John Clayton (1)
  98. John Grefe (1)
  99. John H. Larkins (2)
  100. John W. Collins (1)
  101. Jose Raul Capablanca (5)
  102. Joseph Petrus Wergin (1)
  103. Julian Hodgson & Lawrence Day & Eric Schiller (1)
  104. Kelly Lawless (2)
  105. Ken Smith (1)
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  126. Max Euwe (13)
  127. Michail Tal (1)
  128. Mikhail Botvinnik (5)
  129. Mikhail Tal & Iakov Damsky (1)
  130. Mikhail Yudovich (2)
  131. Mikhall Botvinnik (3)
  132. Milton Finklestein (2)
  133. Milton Hanauer (1)
  134. N. Kopayev (1)
  135. Norman T. Whitaker (1)
  136. P.W. Sergeant (1)
  137. Pal Benko (1)
  138. Paul Keres (8)
  139. Paul Lukacs (1)
  140. Paul Rudolf von Bilguer (1)
  141. Peter Yu (4)
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  143. R.C. Griffith (2)
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  150. Richard Reti (2)
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  157. Romona W Gordon (1)
  158. Rona E Petrosian (1)
  159. Roy Hoppe (1)
  160. Rudolf Spielmann (1)
  161. Russell Chauvenet (1)
  162. Sakata Eio (2)
  163. Sam Loyd (1)
  164. Sam Sloan (7)
  165. Samuel Reshevsky (3)
  166. Samuel Reshevsky (4)
  167. Sasaka Eio (1)
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  170. Steffen Zeuthen (1)
  171. Stewart Culin (1)
  172. Stuart Marquilies (1)
  173. Svetozar Gligoric (2)
  174. Thomas Wiswell (1)
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  192. William Steinitz (1)
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  196. Yuri Averbakh (7)
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    California Chess Journal - Volume 7-10 1993 - 1996
    Catalog Code: B0259IS

    California Chess Journal Vol. 7-10 1993-1996 Edited by Carolyn Withgitt, Peter Yu, Eric Schiller, James Eade Photographs by Richard R. Shorman After Chess Voice magazine (1968-1985) ceased publication and left a void in Northern California chess, Hans Poschmann stepped up to create and edit the California Chess Journal (1986-2004).

    California Chess Journal - Volume 7-10 1993 - 1996

    Chess Puzzles for Students
    Catalog Code: B0238IS

    This is a quiz based on very hard puzzles taken from master games, not from composed problems. Because of the difficulty and complexity of the puzzles, you score points just for getting the first move right. You do not have to see all the way to the end. At the end of the quizzes, you are rated based on how many you got right.

    Chess Puzzles for Students

    Spanish Inquisition - Zaitsev Variation
    Catalog Code: B0216IS

    The Zaitsev variation of the Closed Spanish is a favorite line of many of the world's best chess players, including many World Champions. Until now, however, there has not been a compilation of the theory of the line, together with the relevant lines of the Breyer and Smyslov Variations into which play often transposes. This book is intended for experienced chess players rated 1700 and above. It contains. heavy-duty theory with many ideas simply credited to the appropriate sources and a good deal of unannotated games. The Zaitsev variation leads to rich positional and tactical play which requires deep understanding of chess.

    Spanish Inquisition - Zaitsev Variation

    Catalan - 3RD EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0215IS

    Catalan, revised with recent games and new chess opening analysis by computer programs including Houdini. Since this book first came out the Catalan has been played with great success by World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and other grandmasters. This has necessitated this great expansion with new games and the latest chess computer

    Catalan - 3RD EDITION

    Chess Psychologist World Champion Tal
    Catalog Code: B0179IS

    This book contains 60 games in Descriptive Notation annotated by Liepnieks and other Latvian masters including Edmars Mednis, Paul Tautvaisas and John Tums based on the notes by Tal. It also includes Tal's Chess Quiz based on 10 of Tal's games. (WARNING: This quiz is too difficult. You will not be able to solve the problems.)

    Chess Psychologist World Champion Tal

    World Champion Smyslov and His 120 Best Games
    Catalog Code: B0178IS

    This collection of best games of Smyslov is probably the best collection of his annotated games in Descriptive Notation. This book was first published in 1958, the year that Vassily Smyslov was World Chess Champion.

    World Champion Smyslov and His 120 Best Games

    Janowski - Indian Defence
    1d4 Nf6 2 c4 d6 3 Nc3 Bf5
    Catalog Code: B0165IS

    The Janowski-Indian (1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 d6 3 Nc3 Bf5) has enjoyed the patronage of such strong chess players as Mikhail Tal, Jan Timman, Bent Larsen, Larry Christiansen, John Fedorowicz and Kamran Shirazi.

    Janowski - Indian Defence

    Mission - Checkmate! with the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
    Catalog Code: B0152IS

    This is a book for chess players who love to play for checkmate from the very first move.

    Mission - Checkmate! with the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

    Modern Stonewall Dutch
    Catalog Code: B0144IS

    Publisher: ISHI Press Author: Eric SchillerYear of Publication: 2012 (Reprint) Pages: 160Notation Type: Algebraic (AN) Book Description At the time of the first edition, this opening was just becoming popular in Grandmaster chess. It soon became a hot item and for this edition we had over 20,000 games in our database. Champions of the defense include Grandmasters Agdestein, Dolmatov, Gleizerov (more than 100 games!), Glek, Karlsson, Moskalenko, Nikolic, Ulibin, and Vaisser. The theory is now pretty well established. I recommend that you start by studying the Overview below and looking at the games cited in the next paragraphs. I have concentrated on the lines most frequently seen in high level games. The opening is so absurdly transpositional that there is no way to organize it exhaustively. The most important thing is to note where the pieces usually land. About the Author(s) Eric Schiller (born March 20, 1955 in New York City) is an American chess player, trainer, arbiter and one of the most prolific authors of books on chess in the 20th century. In 1974, Schiller was the Illinois Junior Champion. Schiller played for the University of Chicago team several times at the Pan American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championship. He was an organizer of the Hawaii International chess festivals 1994-98 including 1998 US Open California Champion 1995. Later that year, he appeared as a chess adviser for the music group Phish on some of the stops for their ''Chess Tour'' where they played an ongoing game of two chess moves per tour stop and some ''band vs. audience'' partial games as part of their stage performance. Schiller was an arbiter at several notable games and championships including the FIDE World Chess Championship 2000. While Vladimir Kramnik and Garry Kasparov opted not to participate in the event, they had both endorsed Schiller for this sensitive role during the planning stages. As of April 2009, Schiller has a FIDE rating of 2166. He is also an International Arbiter and International Trainer. Schiller's expertise and publications in the Flohr-Zaitsev Variation made him a sought-after expert when Gary Kasparov used that opening at the second game at the World Chess Championship 1990.

    Modern Stonewall Dutch

    Who's Afraid of the King's Gambit - 3RD EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0143IS

    In many conversations with chess players, it can be noted that there is a reluctance to answer 1. e4 with 1. . . . e5 based on an irrational fear of some deviations from the standard Spanish or Italian play.

    Who's Afraid of the King's Gambit - 3RD EDITION

    Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Bogoljubow Variation
    Catalog Code: B0142IS

    The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit is rarely seen at the chess master level but is popular and successful among amateur players. It was played by Grandmaster Efim Bogoljubow who played two matches for the World Chess Championship and who said ''When I am white I win because I am white. When I am black I win because I am Bogoljubov.

    Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Bogoljubow Variation

    How to Play the Torre Attack
    Catalog Code: B0140IS

    This new edition is greatly expanded by over 100 games with commentary.

    How to Play the Torre Attack

    Garry Kasparov's Opening Repertoire
    Catalog Code: B0137IS

    This work has been updated in 2012 to include all of the latest World Chess Championship matches by Garry Kasparov.

    Garry Kasparov's Opening Repertoire

    How to Play the the Dilworth Attack
    Catalog Code: B0135IS

    In this, the first ever monograph devoted to the line, noted author Eric Schiller explains all of the critical ideas in the opening and endgame, and provides many examples of each from tournament play.

    How to Play the the Dilworth Attack

    Gruenfeld Defense Russian Variations
    Catalog Code: B0134IS

    This little book is designed to give you all you need to pray the white side of the Russian Variations. It includes only those lines which are best for White.

    Gruenfeld Defense Russian Variations

    Queen's Gambit Declined - Orthodox Variation
    Catalog Code: B0133IS

    In addition to the standard lines, this book contains a number of interesting suggestions that have never been implemented. This book has been updated with a supplement containing the latest games and grandmaster analysis in 2012.

    Queen's Gambit Declined - Orthodox Variation

    Fly the Pterodactyl
    Catalog Code: B0131IS

    FIDE master Eric Schiller presents the opening in all its glory with detailed opening analysis and over. The complete illustrative games in this book you will find all you need to know to take up it as black and confront your opponents from the very earliest stages of the game.

    Fly the Pterodactyl

    First Chess Tactics
    Catalog Code: B0128IS

    This book is aimed at beginners who know the rules and nothing more. This is how chess players start. They must learn the simple tactics. This is the only workbook at this level. Completing the puzzles in this book will lead to improved results immediately!

    First Chess Tactics

    How to Play the Fischer-Sozin Attack in the Najdorf Sicilian in Chess
    Catalog Code: B0129IS

    This edition is updated in April 2012 and provides complete analysis and the most recent games in this important line.

    How to Play the Fischer-Sozin Attack in the Najdorf Sicilian in Chess

    Panov Attack in Chess
    Catalog Code: B0127IS

    This opening is played on both sides by the world's strongest chess grandmasters.

    Panov Attack in Chess

    How to Play the From Gambit
    Catalog Code: B0107IS

    Henry Bird's 1.f4 has become the choice of many players who wish to avoid the voluminous theory surrounding 1.e4, 1.d4 and even 1.c4. If Black plays passively then he is likely to find himself in an inferior line, especially if he allows a reversed Dutch defense. But there is an exciting alternative to the main lines - the From Gambit! With l...e5 Black makes it clear that he is willing to fight. The lines which arise often involve forced piece sacrifices for both sides, and knowledge of the middlegame ideas is critical.

    How to Play the From Gambit

    The Ryder Gambit Accepted - UPDATED EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0085IS

    The Ryder Gambit is a fun opening, one which gives rise to spectacular combinational possibilities. Even a player with limited experience can create a magnificent mating attack which can be shown to friends and kibbitzers and even published in local chess magazines. The fans of this opening are true lovers of this royal game and even if their enthusiasm is unjustified by objective analysis, it is nevertheless one of the joys of chess.

    The Ryder Gambit Accepted - UPDATED EDITION

    Attack with the Boden-Kieseritzky-Morphy Gambit
    Catalog Code: B0091IS

    The Boden-Kieseritzky-Morphy Gambit is lightly regarded and is never played by grandmasters, but it has one of the best records for White of any opening played below the master level. It scores a phenomenal 62% in all games in the chess databases. This book examines an opening which can be quite useful for beginners and amateur chess players. The gambit we will examine (1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Nf6 3.Nf3!? or 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4!?) has been used by Paul Morphy among other strong players. In my view it is as good a gambit as most others.

    Attack with the Boden-Kieseritzky-Morphy Gambit

    Chess Strategy for Advanced Students
    Catalog Code: B0086IS

    The art of strategic planning is not easily acquired from most teaching materials, yet it is one of the most important aspects of practical play. In this book, positional factors have been approached, with examples showing how a certain specific weakness can be exploited by specific means. This book includes complete games where the strategic and positional factors are seen in the complex interplay of the middle game and end game.

    Chess Strategy for Advanced Students

    Spanish Gambits - UPDATED
    Updated in 2011 with New, Improved Lines of Play
    Catalog Code: B0084IS

    The Spanish Chess Opening, also known as the Ruy Lopez, named a Spanish clergyman who made it popular, is one of the oldest and most heavily analyzed of openings, with many variations having been analyzed up to move 20. Yet, there are still new things being discovered about it. This book covers early attempts by either side to wrest the initiative from the other by means of an early pawn sacrifice.

    Spanish Gambits - UPDATED

    Queen's Gambit Accepted - Smyslov Variation
    Catalog Code: B0083IS

    The Smyslov Variation was developed by World Chess Champion Vasily Smyslov and used in top level competitions by him and by other World Champions. One advantage is that it can be used frequently. If White plays 1. d4 and Black responds with 1. ...d5, White will almost always play 2. c4. Then after the natural moves 2. ...dxc4 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. e3, Black can play 4. ...g6 which is the Smyslov Variation. The Smyslov Variation is a form of the Queen's Gambit Accepted.

    Queen's Gambit Accepted - Smyslov Variation


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