The Tool Chess Set - 3.25" King

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What are Tool Chess Sets?
Tool Chess sets are beautiful , handcrafted games pieces made out of nuts and bolts. After assembly they are powder-coated. You might be surprised to see how you can build high quality, unique, tool-themed pieces out of everyday nuts and bolts. Tool Chess is handmade, but it finishes with a a really cool, steampunk look.

The History of Tool Chess
Tool Chess was invented 10 years ago around the time the family business -- a machine tool business based in Grand Rapids, Michigan called Gallmeyer and Livingston -- was closing down. A couple shop workers replaced a lost chess piece with some hardware pieces and my grandpa thought up the name "Tool Chess."

It is with great pride that we the Tool Chess set is back, like a phoenix made out of nuts and bolts rising from the ashes!

About Tool Chess
While there are lots of really beautiful chess sets online -- there's nothing quite like this: large, beautiful, handmade pieces with a nice heavy feel and excellent playability and MADE IN THE USA!

Tool Chess is a tribute to my grandfather. So whether you're a collector, avid chess player, arts and crafts fan, or just a tinkerer with a curiosity for how things are put together, the Tool Chess set is perfect for you!


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Product Details

King Height 3.25'' inch / 8.26 cm

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