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      Our Tournament Wood Chess Boards are affordable, ideal for both serious and casual
      play, and feature the House of Staunton Logo.

      Savings of $10.00
      When Bundled with Chess Pieces!


      Our Standard Wood Chess Boards offer the perfect combination of affordability and luxury, and are available in a variety of woods.  

      Savings of $20.00
      When Bundled with Chess Pieces!


      Our Superior Wood Chess Boards are
      designed with the discerning player, and
      available in a variety of exotic woods and
      stylized frames.

      Savings of $20.00
      When Bundled with Chess Pieces!

      African Palisander & Maple Wooden Tournament – 2.0" With Notation & Logo
      add $49.00
      Mahogany & Maple Wooden Tournament – 2.0" With Notation & Logo
      add $49.00
      Maple & Mahogany Wooden Tournament – 2.0" With Notation & Logo
      add $49.00
      Walnut & Maple Wooden Tournament – 2.0" With Notation & Logo
      add $49.00
      Padauk & Maple Wooden Tournament – 2.0" With Notation & Logo
      add $49.00
      Blackwood & Bird's Eye Maple Standard Traditional - 1.875" - GLOSS FINISH
      add $159.00
      Bird's Eye Maple & Greenwood Standard Traditional - 1.875"
      add $99.00
      Redwood & Bird's Eye Maple Standard Traditional - 1.875" - GLOSS FINISH
      add $139.00
      Redwood & Bird's Eye Maple Standard Traditional - 1.875" - SATIN FINISH
      add $99.00
      Rosewood & Bird's Eye Maple Standard Traditional - 1.875"
      add $89.00
      Striped Ebony & Bird's Eye Maple Standard Traditional - 1.875"
      add $99.00
      Tiger Ebony & Maple Standard Traditional - 1.875"
      add $99.00
      Teak & Bird's Eye Maple Standard Traditional - 1.875"
      add $89.00
      Walnut & Maple Standard Traditional - 1.875"
      add $89.00
      Elm Burl & Bird's Eye Maple Superior Traditional - 1.875"
      add $239.00

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      Our Slide-top Chess Boxes are affordable, with two large storage compartments, a slide top lid, and silk-screened House of Staunton logo.


      Savings of $20.00
      When Bundled with Chess Pieces

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      Black Slide-top Chess Box
      add $39.95
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      Mahogany Slide-Top Chess Box
      add $39.95
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      The Broadbent Series Chess Pieces - 3.0" King

      Product Code: MENWBNT30


      The House of Staunton is proud to introduce our newest masterpiece - The Broadbent Timeless Series Chessmen. Part of our Timeless Collection, it is exact reproduction of the Jaques of London Chessmen Circa 1935 Broadbent Staunton Pattern Chessmen. These Chessmen feature a 3.0" King with a 1.375" Diameter base and are very heavily weighted. These Chessmen are an exact match to the original Chessmen, down to the smallest details!

      The Chess pieces are hand carved by our master artisans and crafted out of the highest grade woods. The Chess pieces are heavily weighted with luxurious billiard cloth base pads on the other Chess pieces and a beautiful finish. The design of the Broadbent Series Chess set embodies the form, board presence and craftsmanship of one of the most celebrated 20th century designs from Jaques of London. The House of Staunton has recaptured the essence of these magnificent Chessmen and made them available on a very limited basis.

      The most striking aspect of the Broadbent Series Chess Set is the beautiful patina on the Boxwood (White) Chessmen. Our artisans have accurately captured the rich, golden color commonly found on well preserved antique Chess sets. As with all of our Chess sets, the Broadbent Series exemplifies a perfect combination of distinct beauty and functionality. It has been designed to withstand the rigors of practical play while maintaining an elegance which has become the hallmark of a House of Staunton chess set. The design, quality and craftsmanship of this set is UNMATCHED by any set of Chessmen in its price range. Nothing even comes close!

      The Chessmen are new and each set consists of 34 Chessmen, including four Queens, a standard that was introduced by The House of Staunton over 10 years ago.

      The Chess Set comes with a personalized Certificate of Authenticity and an original manufacturer's plaque indicating the production number, with an adhesive backing that would allow it to be affixed to the underside of a Chess box.

      Our Original Manufacturer's Plaque
      Click for Higher Resolution Image.


      Now Available From The House of Staunton
      Included with the purchase of these Chessmen is our new Original Manufacturer's Plaque. Crafted from brass, these plaques feature the engraved production details of each individual Chess set, creating a beautiful, permanent record that is truly worthy of House of Staunton-brand Chessmen.

      Our Original Paper Production Labels are also available. Please Contact Us for information.


      Actual Circa 1935 Jaques of London Broadbent Pattern Staunton Chess sets with a 3.0" King historically sell for upwards of $1,500 USD at auction. To put this number in context, please consider the fact that Chess pieces of this age always have some blemishes, such as dirt, cracks, chips, dings, patina discoloration and possibly replacement pieces. Here's your opportunity to purchase an exact reproduction of these legendary Chessmen, in Pristine Condition, for a fraction of the price!

      Layaway Available

      We're proud to offer our new Layaway program!


        • With Layaway, purchasing from us has never been easier or more affordable. It allows you to purchase selected House of Staunton products by making payments over time.


      • Simply choose the items that you wish to purchase and how many months you wish to make the payments over.We'll automatically charge your debit/credit card each month. Once you've paid for the item/s in full, they'll be sent to you. It's that simple!

      Click Here to Learn More...

      Laser Engraving


      Are you looking to make that Chess gift special and something they will cherish forever?


      The House of Staunton is proud to offer Personalized Engraving that will allow you to customize your chess box with your personal message,creating a truly unique gift that they will be sure to love.


      Gift engraving is perfect for many memorable occasions, for corporate branding or simply to offer a special gift to your friends and family.



      Personalized Gifts are great for...









      Why choose The House of Staunton to personalize your Chess Gift?


      Unlike the engraving shop at your local mall, the House of Staunton doesn’t not charge you up to $3.00 per character for engraving.


      Our prices are very affordable, with text engraving starting at just $25.00 Per Line (up to 60 Characters).  We use an industrial-grade Laser Engraver that allows us to achieve an incredible amount of detail in our engravings.


      Your gift should say what you want it to say and not be limited by how much it costs you to say each of those words! 


      Note: Only Premium Chess Boxes and Fitted Coffers can be Personalized with engraving directly on the wood.

      All other Chess Boxes, including the Fitted Briefcase, will come with a laser-engraved brass plaque when personalized.

      Qualifies for

      Discounted Chess Board Available
      Discounted Chess Box
      Layaway Plan Available

      Included with Purchase

      • Certificate of Authenticity
      • Engraved Registered Plaque
      • Individual Production Number

      Product Details

      Chess Board Included? The Chess Board featured is for photographic purposes only and must be purchased separately
      Manufacturer The House of Staunton
      Recommended Coffer Size Too Small for Coffer
      King Height 3.0'' inch / 7.62 cm
      King Base Diameter 1.375'' inch / 3.49 cm
      Recommended Chess Board Size 1.875'' inch / 4.8cm, 2.0'' inch / 5.1cm
      Total Set Weight 40 ounces (1.13 kg)
      Total Number of Chess Pieces 34 Pieces (With 2 Additional Queens)

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