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    Prototype Custom Contemporary Luxury Chessboard - 2.25" Squares - Walnut and Tiger Maple

    From the House of Staunton Vault!

    Product Code: LEG-BRD-022

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    Deep from inside the House of Staunton, we are proud to offer this one-of-a-kind luxury chessboard for your consideration. It is a prototype of our Custom Contemporary  line of luxury chessboards, making it as unique as it is beautiful. This chessboard has been on display at the House of Staunton headquarters for years. We are now making it available on a first-come, first-served basis!


    Handcrafted in the United States, we are proud to offer this Custom Contemporary Chessboard for your consideration. It features features Walnut(dark) and Tiger Maple (light) squares with a stylized Mahogany Frame and raised playing surface.


     This beautiful chessboard has an overall footprint of 22 x 22 inches.

     CONDITION NOTE - Because this chessboard has been featured in our display case at HOS headquarters, it may show signs of displaying and usage.


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    Regular Price: $800.00

    Our Price: $399.95

    Product Details

    Manufacturer The House of Staunton
    Board Finish Matte
    Square Size 2.25" inch / 5.7 cm
    Chess Board Height 1 inch
    Chess Board Footprint 22 x 22 inches
    Recommended Carrying Bag Size 28" Chess board Carrying Bag

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