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    Positional Chess Guide - EMPIRE CHESS

    Club Player's Manifesto - Volume #7 of 10

    Product Code: DVD0057EP

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    Hosted by: Grandmaster Damian Lemos
    Running Time: 
    2.5 Hours



    GM Damian Lemos

    Grandmaster Damian Lemos’ excellent presentation skill guides you through this DVD which is 7/10 of The Club Player’s Manifesto produced by the World Leader in DVD instruction


    This DVD looks at ‘Positional Play’ things like voluntarily giving up ‘The Bishop Pair’, How to attack doubled ‘C’ pawns, Placing Rooks deliberately on Closed files, The IQP advantages and disadvantages and many more Positional Play methods. Many methods and concepts are considered including:


    Beating The QGD Tarrasch, QGD, Bogo Indian, QGA, Queen’s Indian considered, QGD Tarrasch examined in detail, IQP situation arising after dxc5 considered, Strong Centre versus attempts to undermine it, A collection of small Positional Advantages are no good if opponent can realistically launch a strong attack versus your own King, Passed IQP advantages and disadvantages, Good piece activity creates other transformational advantages, Temporary Piece Sacrifices to gain Positional Advantage, Using the Advanced IQP to tie down opponent, It’s Okay to advance your own King’s Pawn Cover when opponent is tied down, Good technique in the middlegame with more space and many more, in what is a brilliant approach to learning the core essentials for Club players up to Candidate Masters succinctly guided by Grandmaster Damian Lemos one of the World Leaders in Chess DVD presentation brought to you exclusively by




    • – The Official Course for aspiring ‘Candidate Masters’.
    • Exclusive Grandmaster Video by a brilliant presenter.
    • FM Charlie Storey gives in depth summaries of each DVD’s content.
    • Summaries have numbered matching bullet points of all pertinent content.
    • 10 relevant practice problems per disc of a structured 10 DVD set.
    • The most comprehensive club players “DVD course with materials” ever released.
    • PDF and PGN files included free for every DISC.
    • Option to contact GM Damian Lemos or FM Charlie Storey for Skype support lessons.
    • Brought to you by – The World Leaders in DVD education.




    1. Granero Roca-Hauchard
    2. Filipov-Potapov
    3. Kasparov-Timman
    4. Petrosian-Korchnoi
    5. Hodson-Almasi

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    Sample Video

    Our Price: $34.95

    Product Details

    Manufacturer Empire Chess
    Host GM Damien Lemos
    Popular Collections Empire Chess
    Publication Date May 30, 2014
    Runtime 2.5 Hours
    Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere
    Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player

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