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    Poikovsky Winner Alexander Motylev - One Step Beyond in the Anti-Moscow Slav

    Product Code: B0092PYB


    Publisher: New In Chess
    Author: New In Chess
    Year of Publication: 2009

    Pages: 248
    Notation Type: Figurine (FAN)

    Book DescriptionNew In Chess Yearbook, which appears four times a year, contains the latest news in chess openings, and each issue brings you dozens of new ideas on the cutting edge of modern chess theory. The Yearbook not only covers the latest fashion, but also offers fresh insights into underrated gambits, rare continuations, and almost forgotten weapons. A must-have publication for serious chess students.

    Whatdid Jose Raul Capablanca think of the Sicilian? You will be surprised by thelegendary World Champion's ideas, illuminated by Genna Sosonko in this time'sCorner. An investigation follows of the merits and drawbacks of the great Cuban'sfavourite reply 2.Ne2, and we are given some surprising thoughts of modern topplayers on the classics.

    These days, Glenn Flear points out, openingbooks seem to be all about violence: fight this, kill that, use dangerousweapons. Milos Pavlovic's 'fighting the Ruy Lopez' is a case in point. It turnsout to be a pragmatic repertoire book. The same can be said of Semko Semkov'sambitious 'Kill K.I.D.', the cover of which would even scare Uma Thurman! 'Winwith the Stonewall Dutch' by Sverre Johnsen and Ivar Bern contains some nicelyunconventional ideas. Flear also compares the second edition of 'Pirc Alert', byAlburt and Chernin, with 'Dangerous Weapons: The Pirc and Modern' by Palliser,McNab & Vigus. As always, several refreshing examples illustrate Flear's owntake on the material.

    Sicilian Defence Najdorf Variation6.Bg5 - SI 6.1 - Sherbakov
    Sicilian Defence Najdorf Variation 7...Qb6 - SI 8.7-9+14 - Olthof
    Sicilian Defence Velimirovic Attack 8...Bd7 - SI 26.6 - Obodchuk
    Sicilian Defence Four Knights Variation 6.Nc6 - SI 34.8 - Van der Tak
    Sicilian Defence Taimanov Variation 5...Qc7 - SI 40.2 - Fogarasi
    Sicilian Defence Grand Prix Attack 5.Bc4 - SI 49.5 - Grivas
    French Defence Winawer Variation 6...Qa5 - FR 11.1 - Cabrera
    Alekhine's Defence Exchange Variation 5.ed6 - AL 7.3 - Finkel
    Petroff Defence Marshall Variation 6...Bd6 - RG 4.12 - Sapundjiev 
    Petroff Defence Jaenisch Variation 8.Nc3 - RG 6.1 - Lukacs/Hazai 
    Ruy Lopez Jaenisch Variation 3...f5 RL - 6.10 - Ninov/Gavazov
    Ruy Lopez Open Variation 9.Nbd2 RL - 27.14 - Mikhalevski
    Italian Game Max Lange Gambit 5.d4 - IG 2.1 - Gutman
    Italian Game Evans Gambit 5...Bd6 - IG 5.3 - Volokitin
    Various Openings Fajarowicz Gambit 3...Ne4 - VO 17.6 - Gutman
    Queen's Gambit Declined Blackburne Variation 8.Bf4 - QO 1.2+4.3 - Kaufman
    Slav Defence Chameleon Variation 6.g3 - SL 3.1 - Greenfeld
    Slav Defence Alapin Variation 6...Na6 - SL 4.7 - Vilela
    Slav Defence Anti-Moscow Variation 6.Bh4 - SL 6.6 - Motylev
    Slav Defence Moscow Variation 6.Bf6 - SL 6.9 - A. Kuzmin
    Catalan Opening Open Variation 6...dc4 - CA 3.12 - Avrukh
    Nimzo-Indian Defence Classical Variation 4...d5 - NI 23.4 - Panczyk/Ilczuk
    Grunfeld Indian Defence Exchange Variation 7.Nf3 - GI 4.14 - Van der Tak
    Grunfeld Indian Defence Exchange Variation 7.Bc4 - GI 5.8 - Gupta
    King's Indian Defence Classical Main Line 9.b4 Ne8 - KI 5.5 - Ikonnikov
    King's Indian Defence Samisch Variation 5...c6 - KI 53.3-6 - Grivas
    Benoni Defence Benko/Volga Gambit 4.Qc2 - BI 18.5 - Moskalenko
    Queen's Pawn Openings 3.Nbd2 Line - QP 6.8 - A. Kuzmin
    Queen's Pawn Openings Trompowsky Opening 2...e6 - QP 7.7 - De Dovitiis
    Queen's Pawn Openings Trompowsky Opening 2...c5 - QP 7.16 - Palliser
    Dutch Defence Leningrad Variation 7...Nc6 - HD 6.5 - Cabrera
    English Opening Reversed Dragon 4...d5 - EO 3.4 - Vitiugov
    Reti Opening Capablanca Variation 2...Lg4 - RE 22.16 - Langeweg 

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    ISBN 9056912887
    Manufacturer New in Chess
    Author(s) New in Chess
    Pages N/A
    Publication Date Dec 16, 2009
    Notation Type FAN - Figurine
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    Popular Series New in Chess Yearbooks
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