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    Shakhriyar Mamedyarov Takes the Four Knights for a Rough Ride

    Product Code: B0081HYB


    Publisher: New In Chess
    Author: New In Chess
    Year of Publication: 2006

    Pages: 248
    Notation Type: Figurine (FAN)

    Book DescriptionNew In Chess Yearbook, which appears four times a year, contains the latest news in chess openings, and each issue brings you dozens of new ideas on the cutting edge of modern chess theory. The Yearbook not only covers the latest fashion, but also offers fresh insights into underrated gambits, rare continuations, and almost forgotten weapons. A must-have publication for serious chess students.

    Yearbook 81 contains

    Sosonko's Corner
    Genna Sosonko remembers a conversation with Evgeny Sveshnikov who told him that the Scotch move 3.d4! was better than the Ruy Lopez move 3.Bb5. In a special Survey Sosonko shows that the Scotch gives White just a small advantage, but for real players like Walter Browne'a little is enough'.

    Book Reviews
    Opening guru Sveshnikov returns in Glenn Flear's Reviews with his book on the Advance French. In his customary lucid style, the English GM has a look at two wider-range opening books: Watson &Schiller's 'How to Succeed in the Queen Pawn Openings' and 'Chess Openings for White, Explained: Winning with1.e4' by Alburt, Dzindzichashvili, Perelshteyn and Lawrence, the latter being complementary to'Winning with 1.d4'. Useful weapons for amateur players, as is Karpov's andPodgaets's 'Caro-Kann Defence', a book with 'charming comments' that marks the start of a new series by the 12th World Champion.

    34 Surveys
    Sicilian Defence Najdorf Variation 6.g3 A. Kuzmin
    Sicilian Defence Rossolimo Variation 3.Bb5 Fogarasi
    Sicilian Defence Anti-Sveshnikov 3.Nc3 e5 Skatchkov
    Sicilian Defence Alapin Variation 2...d5 Sveshnikov
    Pirc Defence Austrian Attack 6...Na6 Marin/Stoica
    King's Fianchetto 3.c4 Line Rogozenk
    King's Fianchetto 3.Nf3 Line Grivas
    French Defence Closed Variation 4...b6 Pert
    French Defence Winawer Variation 7...0-0 I. Almasi
    Caro-Kann Defence Advanced Variation 4.Be3 Boersma
    Scandinavian Defence Main Line 3...Qd6 Tzermiadianos
    Ruy Lopez Berlin Defence 7...Ne4 Matamoros
    Ruy Lopez Berlin Defence 7...Nf5 I. Almasi/Z. Almasi
    Ruy Lopez Marshall Attack 8...d5 Van der Tak
    Italian Game Two Knights Defence 4.d3 Tiviakov
    Four Knights Opening Rubinstein Variation 4...Nd4 Panczyk/Ilczuk
    King's Gambit Early Deviations, various Karolyi
    King's Gambit Early Deviations 2...Bc5 De Zeeuw
    Nimzowitsch Opening Dodo Variation 3...Bg4 Van der Wiel
    Various Openings Schlenker Gambit 1.Nc3 g6 2.h4 Herbold
    Various Openings Budapest Gambit 3...Ng4 Moskalenko
    Slav Defence Chameleon Variation 5.c5 A. Kuzmin
    Slav Defence Krause Variation 6.Ne5 Olthof
    Catalan Opening Accepted Variation 5...Bb4 Anka
    Nimzo-Indian Defence Classical Variation 4...d5 Vladimirov
    Nimzo-Indian Defence Classical Variation 4...0-0 Lukacs/Hazai
    Queen's Indian Defence Classical Variation 4...Bb7 Langeweg
    Grunfeld Indian Defence Fianchetto Variation 5...c6, 6...d5 Galkin
    King's Indian Defence Gligoric Variation 7.Be3 Mikhalevski
    King's Indian Defence Averbakh Variation 5.Be2, 6.Bg5 Inarkiev
    King's Indian Defence Samisch Variation 5.f3 Kapengut
    Queen's Pawn Opening Colle System 3...b6 Sulava
    English Opening Reversed Dragon 3.g3 Lukacs/Hazai
    English Opening Symmetrical Variation ...g6 Grivas

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    ISBN 9056911902
    Manufacturer New in Chess
    Author(s) New in Chess
    Pages N/A
    Publication Date Mar 16, 2007
    Notation Type FAN - Figurine
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    Popular Series New in Chess Yearbooks
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