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    Modernized - The King's Indian Defense

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    This book is a full repertoire (from Black’s perspective) for the King’s Indian Defense. By using a variety of theoretical games from recent Grandmaster practice (as well as a number of classical examples), Bojkov covers every major line in depth, with due coverage to all sidelines as well. The reader will also become familiarized with many strategic ideas, thematic tactics, and the abundance of imaginative possibilities the King’s Indian Defense is famous for.


    GM Bojkov does an excellent job of sharing his childhood enthusiasm for the opening (which has clearly bled into his professional career), and instills a profound understanding of the various structures that may occur in this rich and complex opening.Not only does this book provide full theoretical coverage, at the end of each chapter are memory markers — chess diagrams reminding the reader of the most important motifs throughout the chapter, as well as practical exercises for solving and internalizing the material. After reading this book one will feel as though they will be able to play the KID for the rest of their life!

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    Product Details

    ISBN 97809856281
    Manufacturer Quality Chess
    Author(s) Dejan Bojkov
    Pages 365
    Publication Date Apr 1, 2014
    Notation Type AN - Algebraic

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