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    Standard Mahogany Fitted Coffer

    Product Code: BOXCOFR-MH


    The Standard Fitted Coffer in splendid Mahogany provides the highest level of protection for your chessmen. Unlike traditional chess boxes, where the chess pieces are stacked on top of each other while not in use, the large Fitted Coffer provides each of the chess pieces their own individual storage compartment. It features brass quadrant hinges, a removable top tray and a lock and key with tassel. Available with or without The House of Staunton Logo laser engraved on the lid. This item can also be personalized for gift giving.

    This coffer will not fit highly ornate pieces such as those in our Artisan Series. For such sets we recommend the Large Fitted Coffer 

    Regular Price: $299.95

    Our Price: $199.98

    Product Details

    Manufacturer The House of Staunton
    Woods Used Mahogany
    Box Dimensions 15.0” x 9.5” x 6”
    Fits King Height Up To 4.4" - Including 2 Additional Queens

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