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    Super Mario Chess Set

    Product Code: NOVMARIO

    Mamma-mia! It's a battle for the Mushroom Kingdom! Mario and Bowser are battling it out once again... this time in the classic strategy game of Chess! Pick your team and take control of 32 hand-painted playing pieces including:

    Mario's Team
    Mario as King
    Luigi as Queen
    Princess Peach & Daisy as Bishops
    Yoshi as Knights
    Toad as Rooks
    Coin as Pawns Bowser's Troop
    Bowser as King
    Bowser Jr. as Queen
    Magikoopa as Bishops
    Birdo as Knights
    Goomba as Rooks
    Green Shell as Pawns

    Our Price: $49.95


    Weighting N/A
    King Height (m) N/A
    King Base Diameter N/A
    King Base Diameter (m) N/A
    Basepad Material N/A
    Chess Board Footprint N/A
    Bag or Box Dimensions N/A
    Total Set Weight N/A
    Total Number of Chess Pieces N/A
    DGT eBoard Compatible N/A

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