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    Gift Card $100

    Always the Perfect Chess Gift

    Product Code: GFT-100


    Give the perfect gift.

    Gift Cards ensure that your special person gets the perfect gift.

    With our Gift Card Generator you have the option to have the cards sent via email or regular mail.

      Follow these simple steps:

    • Click the Add To Cart button to begin generating your card(s).
    • Once this is done, the generator page open, which will ask you to choose which method to have gift card sent. You can opt to have the gift card sent:
      • Via e-mail (automatically sent to your provided email address) or
      • have USCF Sales create a PDF version of your card and send it (attached) to your designated email address.
    • Once either option is chosen, you will be taken to a second screen that will allow you to select the amount the card is to be made for, the number of cards to be ordered, complete fields to define who the card is meant for, sent from and your special note to the recipient.
    • For e-mailed cards, you will also be given a field to define the address the card will be sent to.
    • Customers can then finish adding the gift card to their shopping cart.
    • For printed cards, please allow 24-48 hours for delivery.

    Our Price: $100.00
    Choose the type of Gift Card:
    Our Price: $100.00

    Product Details

    Chess Piece N/A
    Author(s) N/A
    Dimensions N/A
    King Base Diameter N/A
    King Base Diameter (m) N/A
    Basepad Material N/A
    Batteries Required N/A
    Chess Board Footprint N/A
    Board Finish N/A
    Chess Board Height N/A
    Box Dimensions N/A
    Woods Used N/A
    Clock Button Type N/A
    Clock Type N/A
    Bag or Box Dimensions N/A
    Downloadable Software N/A
    DGT eBoard Compatible N/A
    Folding Board N/A
    Recommended Chess Board Size N/A
    Runtime N/A
    Total Set Weight N/A
    Travel Set Size N/A
    Weighting N/A

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