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CHESSDVDS.COM IN SPANISH - FOXY OPENINGS #86 - Dynamics of Strategy and How to Create a Plan - VOL. 2

Product Code: DVD0002ES


THIS DVD IS IN SPANISH! - Este DVD está en Español!

All the Basic tactical ideas are discussed fully, followed by a series of very recent illustrative games, where we will see all that ideas in action . On this dvd you will gain confidence in your ability to handle tactics when they crop up over the board and who knows, you may be able to land some tactical knockouts yourself!

Double and discovered check
Discovered attack
Destroying the guard
Line Vacation
Square Vacation
6 Illustrative Games

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Sample Video

Our Price: $24.95

Product Details

Manufacturer ChessDVDs
Host IM Andrew Martin
Popular Collections Foxy Openings
Publication Date May 30, 2014
Runtime 136 Minutes
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player

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