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ChessVibes Openings is designed for the tournament player who wants to keep his repertoire at the highest level. Which openings are hot in top level chess? Which are not? Receive the latest opening novelties right in your mailbox!

ChessVibes Openings (CVO) is our weekly magazine in PDF and PGN that covers the latest openings news from the past week. It is co-authored by opening experts IM Merijn van Delft and IM Robert Ris.


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This subscription is good for an entire year of ChessVibes-that's 52 weeks of the best, most up-to-date opening and player information available, giving you real-game, practical tactics and analysis that you can immediately put into play at your next game or tournament.


Even better, a yearly subscription to ChessVibes is only around 96 cents an issue-an incredible value for the skills and knowledge you can bring to your next game, tournament or club meeting!


ChessVibes is a great resource for players and coaches alike-what are you waiting for? Subscribe today!

Our Price: $49.95

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