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    1. 101 Questions On How To Play Chess

      101 Questions On How To Play Chess

      Our Price: $2.95

      What is the object of the game of Chess? What is chess notation? How does the King move and Capture? These and a host of other Chess questions are answered simply and clearly in this indepensible guide for beginning players.

      Learn More

    2. C.O.O.L. Chess

      C.O.O.L. Chess

      Our Price: $3.95

      The sequel to H.O.T. Chess. Grandmaster Motwani continues to explain his easy-to-use approach to chess thinking, and shows how Creative Original Opening Lines can bring astonishing over-the-board success. The many brilliant games in this book includes victories by Motwani over some of the world's leading players, whom he has outwitted in the early stages of the game.

      Learn More

    3. SHOPWORN - Rapid Chess Improvement

      SHOPWORN - Rapid Chess Improvement

      Regular Price: $19.95

      Our Price: $3.99

      The two-part article, "400 Points in 400 Days" by Michael de la Maza was not only wildly popular when it appeared in the Skittles Room at early last year, but its popularity also continued unabated even when it was retired to the Archives. Now the dozen and a half or so pages that made up "400 Points" has been transformed into a full-blown 126-page book published by Everyman Chess: "Rapid Chess Improvement: A Study Plan for Adult Players".

      Learn More

    4. The Basics of Winning Chess

      The Basics of Winning Chess

      Our Price: $4.95

      Nine information-packed chapters and twenty-two diagrams show beginning players how to play and win at chess in one quick and easy reading. You'll learn the moves of the pieces, the rules and principles of play, the standard openings, as well as chess notation.

      Learn More

    5. Strategy for Advanced Players

      Strategy for Advanced Players

      Our Price: $4.95
      Schiller covers strategic and positional factors as seen in the complex interplay of the middlegame and endgame with 45 lessons. The art of strategic planning is not easily acquired from most teaching materials, yet is one of the most important aspects of practical play. He does an excellent job here teaching strategy skills. This book is mostly recommended for players 1600 rated and up. Learn More
    6. Chess: Improving and Staying Sharp

      Chess: Improving and Staying Sharp

      Our Price: $4.95
      This book emphasizes topics that strong players need to study in order to improve and stay sharp. Contents: Lesson 1:Attack and Counterattack, Lesson 2:Tactical Exercises I, Lesson 3:Art of Strategy, Lesson 4: Tactical Exercises II, Lesson 5:Art of the Endgame, Lesson 6:Tactical Exercises III, Epilogue: Odds and Ends. Learn More
    7. Modern Art of Attack

      Modern Art of Attack

      Our Price: $4.95
      "The Art of Attack by Vukovic" ends with the Alekhine era --- the last example being in 1947. In the 1950's a new generation emerged starting with the daring play of Mikhail Tal. He and his contemporaries are where we begin with this book, taking the reader through the 1980's. The chapters are 1)Attacking the King Which Can't Castle, 2)Attacking the Uncastled King, 3)Attacking the Kingside Castled Positions, 4)St.George Attack, 5)Greek Gift Attack, 6)Defensive Measures, 7)Attacking the Opposite Side, 8)Couterattacking, 9)Great Attacking Players including Tal's Daring Sacrifical Attacks, Fischer's Scientific Style, Karpov's Fiery Attacking Style. A great book for players of all strengths. Learn More
    8. Hypermodern Strategy

      Hypermodern Strategy

      Our Price: $4.95
      Hypermodern Strategy Learn More
    9. Modern Chess Lessons

      Modern Chess Lessons

      Our Price: $4.95
      This book developed out of the author working with chess teams. The five lessons taught are: 1)Sharpening of tactical ability, 2)The important principles of the opening, 3)An opening repertoire is needed. The most popular choice among many is the English Opening for White, 4)Basic principles of pawn endings, 5)Strategy is probably one of the more difficult concepts of chess to master. This is the ability to take advantage of structural weaknesses and an intuitive feel. Going through these lessons will help make the reader a more successful tournament Learn More
    10. SHOPWORN - How to win at Chess - Quickly

      SHOPWORN - How to win at Chess - Quickly

      Regular Price: $26.95

      Our Price: $6.73

      Mistakes are often made in the early part of the game - at all levels of chess - but a key skill is to recognize these critical moments as they happen and to exploit them with maximum efficiency. This is a skill which Grandmaster Simon Williams addresses in this book. Using instructive and entertaining games in which one side wins quickly, he examines all the typical mistakes chess players make in the opening and early middlegame, how you should look to exploit them, and how to avoid falling into similar traps yourself. Learn More
    11. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

      Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

      Our Price: $7.95

      Learn to think the same way Bobby Fischer did. This is the fastest, most efficient, most enjoyable book on chess ever compiled. As the student, you start at the beginning and progressively develop your skills as you apply Bobby Fischer's principles and learn how to play Chess the Bobby way.

      Learn More

    12. Chess 101

      Chess 101

      Our Price: $7.95

      Learning to play chess involves more than just knowing how to move the pieces. Chess 101 is a chess book for beginners that provides a comprehensive overview of everything a new player needs to know. This includes... Types of boards and pieces, setting up the board, the value of the pieces, how the pieces move, including castling and "en passant", chess notation, the three phases of the game of chess, how to study chess, what a chess rating is and how to get one, chess clock rules, an overview of faster chess games, the mechanics of a tournament, rules and etiquette, and tips to winning chess. Chess 101 also contains over two dozen exhibits, designed to make understanding the game easy!

      Learn More

    13. Lessons with the Masters

      Lessons with the Masters

      Our Price: $7.95
      Lessons with the Masters Learn More
    14. SHOPWORN - Chess Progress

      SHOPWORN - Chess Progress

      Regular Price: $28.95

      Our Price: $8.00

      Award-winning chess coach Erik Czerwin’s unique training method begins by studying the simplest chess positions with very few pieces – and then moves on, step by step, adding more pieces to the board. Complex ideas are always built up from simpler situations, ensuring that the learning curve stays flat. Learn More
    15. SHOPWORN - Tips for Young Players

      SHOPWORN - Tips for Young Players

      Regular Price: $15.95

      Our Price: $8.00

      In the first half of this book, Sadler concentrates on establishing general principles for the opening, middlegame, and endgame. For instance, the section on the opening discusses the principles of good development, king safety, center occupation, and the initiative. Each section concludes with a summary of the important points and selection of exercises to help you see how much you've internalized before you go on.

      Learn More

    16. Castling to Win

      Castling to Win

      Our Price: $8.95
      The king is the most valuable piece on the chessboard, yet many players - especially at club level - give little thought to where His Majesty should reside. This wide-ranging survey explains the dangers with leaving the King in the center, and the possible drawbacks to castling too early or on the wrong side. Castling can be an attacking move, as shown in many stunning examples. An expected castling is often devastating and can often determine the game on the spot. This practical manual includes entertaining examples of late castling and castling in studies. Learn More
    17. Portable Chess Coach

      Portable Chess Coach

      Our Price: $9.95

      This entertaining guide for beginners of all ages is like a human chess coach. It clearly explains the basic rules and moves, opening strategies, middle game and endgame, plus the basic tactics and combinations to give you the winning edge. As you glide through the text, Judee helps you along with review questions, practice puzzles, and instructive games, and shows you the ten most common beginner's mistakes.

      Learn More

    18. Test Evaluate and Improve Your Chess

      Test Evaluate and Improve Your Chess

      Our Price: $9.95

      Through a revolutionary testing system, Dr. Kopec is able to quantify their overall chess strength, specific deficiencies and definite abilities, allowing him to pinpoint which aspects need the most work. This book, developed with the US Chess Federation, represents the sum of Dr. Kopec's knowledge and efforts to help chess players understand and acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve chess mastery.

      Learn More

    19. Chess Under the Microscope

      Chess Under the Microscope

      Our Price: $9.95

      In this major work, Paul Motwani, the author of the critically acclaimed H.O.T. Chess and C.O.O.L. Chess, looks in-deph at key aspects of chess. His witty style will not only amuse but will instruct the reader by providing memorable insights into chess secrets.
      Learn More

    20. Your Chess Questions Answered

      Your Chess Questions Answered

      Our Price: $9.95

      This text is aimed at the player who knows the moves but wants to know more. It has been written by an experienced chess teacher who understands the needs of inexperienced players. Embarrassing questions answered before you even ask them! A unique 'agony aunt' approach. Written by an experienced chess teacher who understands the needs of inexperienced players.

      Learn More

    21. Chess Wizardry

      Chess Wizardry

      Our Price: $9.95

      This is a new edition of a classic work and will introduce a new generation of readers to the wonders of chess problems. The readers will find many of the best chess problems ever composed, chosen and investigated by John Rice, an International Master. The readers will find stories behind famous ideas.

      Learn More

    22. H.O.T. Chess

      H.O.T. Chess

      Our Price: $9.95

      The H.O.T. stands for Highly Original Thinking. The author's ideas extend beyond the situation on the board. He maximizes your strengths and exploits your opponent's weaknesses.

      Learn More

    23. How to Win Quickly at Chess

      How to Win Quickly at Chess

      Our Price: $9.95
      The book places a heavy emphasis on opening theory, basic strategic & tactical themes. These themes occur in a variety of openings and they often are the determining factor in short, decisive games. By examining in detail over 70 short games, many involving some of the world's top GM's, the author offers valuable instruction which will enable players to broaden their understanding of the critical themes that occur in short, decisive games. Learn More
    24. The Official Rules of Chess

      The Official Rules of Chess

      Our Price: $9.95

      Publisher: Cardoza Publishing
      Author: Eric Schiller
      Year of Publication: 2003

      Pages: 128
      Notation Type: None

      Book Description

      This rule book is the essential guide to the professional, scholastic, and Internet rules of chess. Written in plain English for practical use, you'll learn everything you need to know about tournaments, rating systems, etiquette for in-person and online play, and chess notation. Special sections for students and parents answer all the frequently asked questions about competitive play. These are the rules that apply to every tournament form of chess, from scholastic competitions, to world championship play.

      About the Author(s)

      Eric Schiller is a National Master and well-known opening theoretician. He has authored Bozens of monographs and is a Contributing Editor to Chess Life magazine. He holds a Ph. D. in Linguistics from the University of Chicago, and has translated Works by the present and former World Champions.

      Learn More
    25. The Art of the Checkmate

      The Art of the Checkmate

      Our Price: $9.95

      Learn from 127 games by Tartakower, Janowski, Rubinstein, Blackburne, others, illustrating positional maneuvers leading to these mates. Review quizzes test progress.

      Learn More
    26. EBOOK - Chess Fundamentals

      EBOOK - Chess Fundamentals

      Our Price: $9.95

      This is a reprint of the original "Chess Fundamentals" by Capablanca, as first published in 1921 and only a preface added by Capablanca in 1934. The reader here can feel confident that this reprint contains the exact, complete words of Capablanca. Unlike other reprints, not one word has been changed or omitted.

      Learn More

    27. SHOPWORN - Learn Chess

      SHOPWORN - Learn Chess

      Regular Price: $19.95

      Our Price: $10.00

      Learn Chess: A Complete Course provides everything you need to know to get started in chess. The first part is devoted to first principles, explaining the rules and basic strategies, whilst the second develops a thorough understanding of the various winning methods, and includes a systematic study of openings, an introduction to attacking techniques, and a guide to fundamental endgame themes.

      Learn More

    28. Lasker's Manual of Chess

      Lasker's Manual of Chess

      Our Price: $10.95

      Lasker's Manual of Chess is one of the greatest chess books ever written. The fact that it was first published over 80 years ago has diminished neither its relevance nor significance in today's modern chess world. Lasker was both a wonderful fighter and a deep thinker; his book is the quintessence of the exceptionally successful experiences he had over many long years, and his thoughts about them.

      Learn More

    29. Pocket Chess Basics

      Pocket Chess Basics

      Regular Price: $21.95

      Our Price: $10.98

      This chess program is designed especially for novice players who have already learned the rules of chess and now wish to become players of intermediate strength. Students will study essential concepts such as development, the center, fundamentals in chess tactics, basic endgame rules and much more!

      Learn More

    30. Chess: Easy Ways of Taking Pawn And Pieces

      Chess: Easy Ways of Taking Pawn And Pieces

      Regular Price: $24.95

      Our Price: $12.48

      The course is intended for players who are already acquainted with the rules of the game.

      Learn More

    31. Chess: Simple Defense

      Chess: Simple Defense

      Regular Price: $24.95

      Our Price: $12.48

      If you are a beginner, you just have to learn how to defend your pieces from being taken!

      Learn More

    32. SHOPWORN - True Combat Chess

      SHOPWORN - True Combat Chess

      Regular Price: $24.95

      Our Price: $12.50

      Winning Battles over the Board, International Master and former US Open Champion Timothy Taylor draws upon his wealth of personal experience to offer an instructive and entertaining account of how to improve your understanding of chess and your results.

      Learn More

    33. Chess for Amateurs

      Chess for Amateurs

      Our Price: $12.95
      The present book is an endeavor to help the aspiring amateur by giving him the sort of games that are played by himself and his circle of intimates Learn More
    34. SHOPWORN - Who Dares Win?

      SHOPWORN - Who Dares Win?

      Regular Price: $26.95

      Our Price: $13.48

      Both players are gunning for each other's kings. Whose attack will break through first? This is a typical scenario in chess games. In such tense battles where one slip can be fatal, often it's a case of 'who dares wins'. But it's not enough to throw your pieces up the board and hope for the best. To succeed you need to acquire sophisticated attacking and defensive skills. The good news is that they can easily be learned, remembered and put into practice. Learn More
    35. SHOPWORN - Study Chess with Matthew Sadler

      SHOPWORN - Study Chess with Matthew Sadler

      Regular Price: $26.95

      Our Price: $13.48

      Matthew Sadler is one of the UK's strongest ever players. He became a grandmaster at 19, won the British Championship twice and, amongst other amazing achievements, made a gold medal winning score of 101/2/13 on board four for England in the 1996 chess Olympiad.

      Learn More
    36. SHOPWORN - 10 Great Ways To Get Better At Chess

      SHOPWORN - 10 Great Ways To Get Better At Chess

      Regular Price: $26.95

      Our Price: $13.50

      How can you improve at chess? This is the eternal question asked by players of all levels. Which part of the game should you focus on? How often should you play? Should you change your opening repertoire? What's the best way to learn from your defeats? So many questions ... and yet direct answers are hard to find. It's no wonder aspiring players are left bewildered and in need of direction.In this book grandmaster Nigel Davies provides that direction. He examines the methods used by a number of players who were looking to improve their game, and how they went about achieving their goal. Learn More

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