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  1. Chess Strategy for Club Players - 3rd Improved and Extended Edition

    Chess Strategy for Club Players - 3rd Improved and Extended Edition

    Every club player knows the problem: the opening has ended, and now what? With this new edition of his award winning book, International Master Herman Grooten presents to amateur players a complete and structured course on how to recognize key characteristics in all types of positions and how to make use of those characteristics to choose the right plan. Learn More
  2. Pattern Recognition and Typical Plans - Adrian Mikhalchishin

    Pattern Recognition and Typical Plans - Adrian Mikhalchishin

    Studies prove: the more patterns you know, the better you play. On this DVD GM Adrian Mikhalchishin presents games of the World Champions of the past to explain typical patterns and strategic concepts of these games and to show how grandmasters apply these ideas today. Mikhalchishin offers a wealth of material that helps you to improve your games and teaches you the art of pattern recognition and analogical thinking – a key to success that helped the author to win many games and that will help you to win more games and play better. Learn More
  3. Strengthen Your Chess Foundation - Nisha Mohota

    Strengthen Your Chess Foundation - Nisha Mohota

    IM Nisha Mohota: “On this DVD I show and explain elements of chess strategy and tactics every player should know. I offer guidelines to steer you through the opening, show basic endgames, help you to understand fundamental pawn structures, and explain principles and patterns of attack and defense. Learn More
  4. Your Opponent is Overrated

    Your Opponent is Overrated

    Even the very best players recognize the value of discomforting the opponent. This is the key theme of this book. Schuyler covers all phases of the game and discusses other vital subjects such as harassment, material imbalance, time management, surprise moves, unusual ideas, provocative play, manoeuvres and recovering from bad positions Learn More
  5. My System & Chess Praxis

    My System & Chess Praxis

    Nimzowitsch will always be remembered as the founder of the Hypermodern movement and the author of the undisputed classics My System and Chess Praxis. In his first book, he expounded his theories of prophylaxis, blockades and much more, while providing ground-breaking insights in pawn-structures. In the sequel Nimzowitsch demonstrated how he had successfully tested his theories in his games. Learn More
  6. How to Exchange Pieces - Elisabeth Pahtz

    How to Exchange Pieces - Elisabeth Pahtz

    Which pieces to keep and which to exchange is one of the most important questions in chess. This is true in the opening, the middlegame and the endgame. Less experienced players often think exchanging means to swap pieces of equal value and fail to take strategic factors into account. The "feeling" for the right exchange is something a chessplayer has to develop over time. This DVD wants to help to develop this "feeling“. Learn More
  7. Chess Strategy for Kids

    Chess Strategy for Kids

    So you have learned how to play chess, studied tactics and know some basic endgames and openings. What’s next? The glue that binds it all together is strategy. By forming a good plan, chess-players seize strong points on the board and target the opponent’s weaknesses. The author explains how to identify the right strategy in a wide range of typical situations. With his guidance, you will soon be finding good plans on your own – and then it will be time to demonstrate your tactical mastery! Learn More
  8. Manuevering - The Art of Piece Play

    Manuevering - The Art of Piece Play


    In this book, premier chess instructor and trainer Mark Dvoretsky examines one of the most important aspects of positional skill, namely the art of playing with pieces, of maneuvering and finding the best squares for your pieces.

    Learn More
  9. Dynamic Chess Strategy - 2016 Edition!

    Dynamic Chess Strategy - 2016 Edition!

    Grandmaster Mihai Suba, a former Romanian champion and Senior World Chess Champion, has updated his groundbreaking work and extended it with even more entertaining and witty lessons. The result is a thought-provoking and yet practical guide on chess strategy! Learn More
  10. Black is Back!

    Black is Back!

    Many chess players act intimidated and overly cautious when they have the Black pieces. They are so preoccupied with White’s advantage of the first move, that their predominant urge is to defend against possible threats and to safeguard their position. Adorjan shows that White’s advantage is far from obvious and that winning with Black starts with having the right attitude.This book will convince both club players and professionals that there is no reason to be afraid when playing Black. Learn More
  11. The Power of Pawns

    The Power of Pawns

    Post-beginners should know the basic essentials of chess structures and that is what this modern training manual focuses on. Experienced chess teacher Grandmaster Jörg Hickl helps you to recognize the important characteristics of pawn structures, learn how you can and should develop your pieces, identify how you can improve your position and develop a plan of action. This book provides common sense guidance and Jörg Hickl uses practical examples to explain typical structures, strategies and plans. His tips and exercises are both highly enjoyable and to the point. Learn More
  12. The Chess Player's Mating Guide -  The King in the Centre - VOL. 1 - IM Robert Ris

    The Chess Player's Mating Guide - The King in the Centre - VOL. 1 - IM Robert Ris

    In this first volume of the new Mating Guide series, the emphasis will be on how to exploit a vulnerably placed king in the centre. With 10 chapters, 20 illustrative games and key themes including a lead in development, preventing castling, the open e-file and different kinds of sacrifices, this DVD will show you everything you need to know to master mid-board showdowns. The level of the content means it is relevant to both beginners as well as master level players - as both elementary examples (also from my own practice) as well as classical attacking games by elite grandmasters are analysed in detail. Learn More
  13. Typical Mistakes by 1800-2000 Players - Nicholas Pert

    Typical Mistakes by 1800-2000 Players - Nicholas Pert

    GM Nicholas Pert about his DVD: “After the success of my previous DVD Typical mistakes by 1600-1900 players I decided to produce a follow up DVD aimed at players of a slightly higher level. The examples all come from games played by players with a rating between 1800 and 2100. This DVD offers slightly more complex material than the previous DVD, and will hopefully provide an insight into what I believe are the main errors which stop players of this level to be more successful." Learn More
  14. Self Analysis - 2 DVDs - Chess Lecture - Volume 138

    Self Analysis - 2 DVDs - Chess Lecture - Volume 138

    Here IM Paschall analyzes his own games and all of the factors that played into the game progression. While walking through the games Bill gives you tools to build your own game analysis skills to study your own games and learn from them. Learn More
  15. Strategy of Piece Play - Chess Lecture - Volume 141

    Strategy of Piece Play - Chess Lecture - Volume 141

    How to make your own plans for dealing with ineffective pieces, creating effective pieces, generating power plays and planning your game from the start. Learn More
  16. Crushing Strategy - EMPIRE CHESS

    Crushing Strategy - EMPIRE CHESS

    If you want to improve your strategic play then it is important to study GM level strategic games with clear explanations. This was the inspiration for this Course from GM Damian Lemos, “Crushing Strategy”. Featuring 4 deeply analyzed games, GM Lemos reveals what the winners saw in the position that their opponent did not and the thinking process that allowed them to create a long-term strategy. It is this way of looking at the position and formulating a plan which will be of great help in taking the ambitious chess player’s game to the next level. Learn More
  17. Powerful Positional Play - EMPIRE CHESS

    Powerful Positional Play - EMPIRE CHESS

    Are you serious about becoming a strong, perhaps even titled, player? Positional chess understanding is what separates the great from the good. Imagine you’re in the last round of a major international tournament, half a point behind your opponent. A victory will guarantee 1st place and a $20,000 prize. As you play, everything on the board is clear to you. You play moves restricting your opponent until he can only shuffle his pieces back and forth whilst yours grow ever more powerful. When every piece is ideally placed, you smash open the position, your opponent defenceless. A short while later, he offers his hand in resignation and you know you’ve done it! Learn More
  18. Positional Mastery - EMPIRE CHESS

    Positional Mastery - EMPIRE CHESS

    To win games against strong players you need an extra set of skills to the usual attacking ideas. There are many careful players who will close the position or passively defend until you try something too optimistic, giving away material or making a concession which eventually allows them to win. Incredibly frustrating! To beat these guys you need to master the art of positional chess and that is exactly what GM Damian Lemos helps you achieve in “Positional Mastery”. By studying the textbook examples in this Course you will learn how to constantly ask questions of your opponent, forcing them to solve subtle problems until they make a mistake and you win. Learn More
  19. Exploit Imbalances in Chess - EMPIRE CHESS

    Exploit Imbalances in Chess - EMPIRE CHESS

    It is the imbalances in chess that make for really exciting games. Whether it be exchanging a knight for 2 pawns or your Queen for 3 minor pieces, you will be reaching far more positions with winning chances than players who miss these opportunities. Understanding how to change the nature of the game with piece imbalances shows real chess insight and creativity and this 3 ½ hour DVD from FM Alisa Melekhina is a comprehensive course on how to do just that. Learn More
  20. Your Kingdom For My Horse

    Your Kingdom For My Horse

    This book, written by the hugely popular chess writer Andrew Soltis, is the only one that will help you up your game. He explains if you should exchange your bishop for a knight, which pair of bishops to exchange, when it's important to keep rooks on the board, and when to refuse any trade. Learn More
  21. Lessons with Grandmaster 3

    Lessons with Grandmaster 3

    This is the third book in the highly acclaimed Lessons with a Grandmaster series. It bridges the gap between great player and amateur through a series of conversations between teacher, the renowned Grandmaster Boris Gulko, and student Dr. Joel R. Sneed, a professor of psychology and amateur chess player. The lessons are based on Gulko’s own battles against fellow Grandmasters. Learn More
  22. Pawn Strategy - Chess Lecture - Volume 128

    Pawn Strategy - Chess Lecture - Volume 128

    Bryan takes us through various strategies for using Pawns in your game. Illustrated with real games the lectures cover topes of : Pawns In the attack, Petrosian's Pawn Artistry, Doubled Pawns and Weak Squares, Break the Rules Sometimes, Breaking Through the Pawn Chain. Learn More
  23. Winning Chess Manouevres

    Winning Chess Manouevres

    Sarkhan Guliev presents a wide range of strategic manoeuvres that have been repeatedly employed by great chess players. He shows how masters generate ideas from the games of other masters: positional sacrifices, amazing counterplay concepts, unorthodox exchanges, winning with h2-h4, overcoming a blockade, the advantages of double pawns, the e5 pawn wedge, the uses of the queen-bishop battery, and much more. Learn More
  24. SHOPWORN - Winning Chess Manouevres

    SHOPWORN - Winning Chess Manouevres

    Regular Price: $26.95

    Special Price $13.48

    Sarkhan Guliev presents a wide range of strategic manoeuvres that have been repeatedly employed by great chess players. He shows how masters generate ideas from the games of other masters: positional sacrifices, amazing counterplay concepts, unorthodox exchanges, winning with h2-h4, overcoming a blockade, the advantages of double pawns, the e5 pawn wedge, the uses of the queen-bishop battery, and much more. Learn More
  25. Typical Mistakes by 1600-1900 Players - Nicholas Pert

    Typical Mistakes by 1600-1900 Players - Nicholas Pert

    As the National Head Coach for the English Chess Federation I train many improving players, and see some typical mistakes that repeat themselves. In this DVD I have taken a large collection of games played by players, predominantly in the rating range 1600-1900, and I have looked for typical mistakes. Each theme has several examples to demonstrate typical mistakes, and there are various test throughout the DVD so that the viewer can try and find the best move in certain positions. This should be a great tool for players to use in order to improve their middlegame and endgame play. It will hopefully also highlight any areas that you need to work on in order to improve quickly. Enjoy the DVD! Learn More
  26. The Basics of Winning Chess 2.0 - Andrew Martin

    The Basics of Winning Chess 2.0 - Andrew Martin

    In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the original ''Basics of Winning Chess'', Andrew Martin is back with version 2.0 of his best-selling DVD. Chess has changed dramatically over the last decade and standards seem higher than ever. We must attempt to keep up! It is often said that the strongest players operate like machines. Once they get a winning position, they win it. Version 2.0 draws extensively from modern chess practice. Virtually all the games are instructive and of high quality. Nearly all are from recent times and many have notes, which you may use for extra study. It gives you a roadmap for improvement. The DVD will be particularly useful for players within the rating band 1200-2200. It is a tour of the modern game.” Learn More
  27. Ultra Deep Strategy Techniques of the Super GMs - EMPIRE CHESS

    Ultra Deep Strategy Techniques of the Super GMs - EMPIRE CHESS

    This DVD shows us the secrets of chess strategy at the highest level through extensively-analyzed master games. Emphasizing the correct plans and ideas at every moment, it is a series for advanced players to complement their training with an aspect more difficult than tactics. Learn More
  28. Super GM's Guide to Positional Chess - EMPIRE CHESS

    Super GM's Guide to Positional Chess - EMPIRE CHESS

    This DVD consists of studying the strategic game, while acting as a guide for learning how Super GMs dominate positional chess. Over the course of these videos you will see master games explained in-depth by GM Lemos, placing emphasis on every move, explaining the motive and the distinct reasoning and thinking that causes GMs to make certain decisions. Learn More
  29. Power Strategy 2 - The Middlegame - Static Positions - Mihail Marin

    Power Strategy 2 - The Middlegame - Static Positions - Mihail Marin

    In chess, like in real life, one frequently faces temptations: to grab a pawn, to occupy an open file, to start a kingside attack and so on. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with all these ideas, but before undertaking such concrete actions, one should be sure the position is ripe for it. The second DVD deals with the middlegame positions where static factors play a determining part, permanently taking into account the inseparable dynamic and tactical elements. The videos are interactive, featuring training questions in the critical moments. You can further sharpen your skills with the included database, which contains games covering themes that correspond to the ideas presented on the DVD. Learn More
  30. Chess Structures

    Chess Structures

    An in-depth study of the 28 most common structures in chess practice, it offers a carefully selected model games showing each structure’s main plans and ideas, Strategic patterns to observe and typical pitfalls to avoid and 50 positional exercises with detailed solutions Learn More
  31. Crash Test Chess - VOL. 1

    Crash Test Chess - VOL. 1

    In ''Using the Initiative'', Grandmaster Simon Williams explains the ideas behind his play in two of his games where the correct use of the initiative has proved critical. Follow Simon as he provides his audience with an essential insight into the working thought processes of a Grandmaster – a must for any chess enthusiast looking to improve! Learn More
  32. Improve Your Practical Play

    Improve Your Practical Play

    Aimed at club, congress and county players, this DVD provides a vital insight into how a grandmaster thinks and the reasoning behind his choice of moves. In this DVD, Danny provides useful guidance to players who are looking to improve their thinking during a game by analysing the typical strategic plans from the opening until late in the middlegame. Are you ready to go beyond the basics? If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ then follow Danny as he explains the fundamental ideas and principles behind some of the most complex and challenging positions. Learn More
  33. Crash Test Chess - VOL. 2

    Crash Test Chess - VOL. 2

    In ''Thinking Outside of the Box'', Grandmaster Simon Williams explains how a viewer can improve their game by spotting unusual but very effective ideas. This includes strategic knight manoeuvres, clever bishop moves and other concepts that will be invaluable to any player wishing to improve their game. Learn More
  34. Sokolov Explains Middlegame Pawn Structures

    Sokolov Explains Middlegame Pawn Structures

    Within this DVD the viewer will learn a great deal about Middlegame Pawn structures. Ivan looks at isolated pawns, symmetrical pawns and a vast array of other structures, whilst teaching us some valuable lessons. Ivan does this by first building up the position from its bare roots and then adding material, so each aspect of the position is understood. Learn More
  35. Draw!



    We have all seen games – and perhaps even played them – in which a difficult or lost game is salvaged by a brilliant drawing combination. In the early 1970s, Soviet International Master Leonid Verkhovsky collected some of the most fantastic draws ever played. 

    Learn More
  36. First Steps in Pawn Structures - Andrew Martin

    First Steps in Pawn Structures - Andrew Martin

    Understanding how to use pawns and how to handle different pawn structures are important topics for young or improving players to consider. On this new ChessBase DVD, IM and FIDE Senior Trainer Andrew Martin investigates the notion that ‘pawns are the soul of chess’ and tries to explain exactly what this means. The effective use of pawns in the opening leads to the correct development of the pieces and a good game springs naturally from there. The pawn structure must be considered throughout the game and this is something that Martin also touches upon. The viewer will be treated to a tour of excellent games, both old and new, many from the period 2012-2014, which highlight key ideas about the correct use of pawns and from which one cannot fail to improve one’s technique. Thus this DVD is ideal for players below 1800 or indeed ambitious players of any level. Learn More

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