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    Fabio Caruana Keeps Black Searching in the Marshall

    Product Code: B0091PYB


    Publisher: New In Chess
    Author: New In Chess
    Year of Publication: 2009

    Pages: 248
    Notation Type: Figurine (FAN)

    Book DescriptionNew In Chess Yearbook, which appears four times a year, contains the latest news in chess openings, and each issue brings you dozens of new ideas on the cutting edge of modern chess theory. The Yearbook not only covers the latest fashion, but also offers fresh insights into underrated gambits, rare continuations, and almost forgotten weapons. A must-have publication for serious chess students.

    What does Genna Sosonko think about recent developments in his old pet line, the Sicilian Dragon, In this issue's Corner, dedicated to the 65th birthday of his illustrious friend grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili, Sosonko shows he is still on top of things. He also reveals a surprising view on a topical line of the Max Lange Gambit.

    Glenn Flear scrutinizes every inch of a book, including the cover. The first book he reviews this time is Alexander Beliavsky and Adrian Mikhalchishin's "The Petrosian System Against the QID", a variation that needed serious covering for a long time - something we can leave to these seasoned grandmasters. More limited in scope is Andrew Greet's "Play the Queen's Indian", but it's a great introduction to the QID. A new monumental book on 1.d4 openings is Lars Schandorff's "Playing the Queen's Gambit", which focuses on the sharpest lines. And Valentin Bogdanov's latest effort, "Chess Explained: The Grunfeld" is so inspiring it might even make you turn off your computer for a while!

    Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.Be3 Ng4
    Sicilian Defence - Dragon Variation 10...Rb8
    Sicilian Defence - Perenyi Attack 7.g4
    Sicilian Defence - Rauzer Variation 7...Be7
    Sicilian Defence - Sveshnikov Variation 9.Nd5
    Sicilian Defence - Taimanov Variation 5...Qc7
    Sicilian Defence - Taimanov Variation 5...Qc7
    Sicilian Defence - Grand Prix Attack 5.Bc4
    King's Fianchetto - 4.f4 Line; 4...a6
    French Defence - Rubinstein Variation 7.c3
    Caro-Kann Defence - Advance Variation 3.e5
    Ruy Lopez - Exchange Variation 5...Bd6
    Ruy Lopez - Marshall Attack 15.Qe2
    Ruy Lopez - Zaitsev Variation 9...Bb7
    Italian Game - Giuoco Piano 6...a6
    Scotch Opening - Mieses Variation 8...Ba6
    King's Pawn Openings - Philidor Defence 7...a6
    Various Openings - Fajarowicz Gambit 3...Ne4
    Queen's Gambit Declined - Tartakower Variation 8.g4
    Slav Defence - Slow Slav 4.e3
    Slav Defence - Krause Variation 7...Nb6
    Slav Defence - Botvinnik Variation 16.Na4
    Catalan Opening - Open Variation 6...dc4
    Nimzo-Indian Defence - Classical Variation 4...0-0
    Nimzo-Indian Defence - Ragozin Variation 4.Nf3 d5
    Nimzo-Indian Defence - Ragozin Variation 4.Nf3 d5
    Queen's Indian Defence - ...c6, ...d5 System
    Queen's Indian Defence - Nimzowitsch Variation 4...Ba6
    Grunfeld Indian Defence - 3.f3 Line
    Grunfeld Indan Defence - Accelerated Russian System 4.Qb3
    King's Indian Defence - Samisch Variation 6...Nc6
    Queen's Pawn Openings - Colle System 4.dc5
    English Opening - Symmetrical Variation 4.g3

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    ISBN 9789056912659
    Manufacturer New in Chess
    Author(s) New in Chess
    Pages N/A
    Publication Date Sep 16, 2009
    Notation Type FAN - Figurine
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    Popular Series New in Chess Yearbooks
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